58 thoughts on “Personal Computer into Brewery”

  1. Sorry, this computer is actually just stylized to look “steampunk” – I think the extras might also function as a cooling mechanism.

    Bottom line: no beer.

    This was originally posted on BoingBoing, by the way.

    Who writes EnglishRussia, anyway, and do they ever check their sources?

  2. I think that this machine is comeing from poland. I see polish liquid for window-cleaning [in car sprinklers] called “Petrygo Q”.

  3. Yes, but then you would miss the great opportunity to see the beautiful Blue Ridge and and Great Smokey Mountains that cross between Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. You also would miss the opportunity to meet some of the local southern folks that live in those areas. You might even get a chance to see some Cherokee Indians which as you probably already know were Americans first exposure to Reds !
    –Danny Greene

  4. It’s a Polish mod, not Russian.


    Even the text on the gauges says “Napiecie”, which is
    Polish for “Voltage”.

  5. Best beer ever, and I have tasted a lot of the stuff: “U Fleku”, in a bar/restaurant of the same name, in Praha (Prague), Czech Rep. A ‘porter’, which I usually don’t like. It was rich and creamy, I didn’t just sip it, I chewed it. Amazing stuff. Secret recipe. Made on the premises for about 500 years, never canned or bottled or sold elsewhere. You have to go there to drink it. Avoid the restaurant (pectopah), as it is overpriced due to the influx of Western EU tourists since I was there in ’93.
    Just the best beer I’ve ever had in 55 years of tasting it. Salute!

  6. Funny to see this beer discussion here… I doubt that is actually beer in the line since it’s not refrigerated.

    America is leading the world in brewing innovation right now, check out some of the microbrews hailing from Oregon: Rogue, Pelican, Roots, Laurelwood, Hair of the Dog, Hopworks, etc.

    Internationally my favorite beers are German and Belgian, but I brew my own most of the time.

  7. As someone else said, this has nothing to do with beer. It’s just a Steampunk case mod. Undoubtedly it’s a cooling system.

    Just research Steampunk on the net and it will become painfully obvious.

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  12. but.. THAT MAY NOT BE MOD!

    see this bottle with “petrygo”? it’s from Poland.
    it’s fluid for car’s radiators.
    I do not think, that russian modder uses polish products…

  13. Cool stuff!

    I’ve seen a small brewery from a local bar that is the size of a closet with matching pipes and valves. But I never did know that it can be made smaller the size of the computer. And the good thing is it is really recycled from a used PC. Truly, many have supported the campaign for “green computing”.

  14. Hey, whatever it is and whatever it does besides make us wonder about that–GOOD JOB. “Waste not–want not.”

    It shows signs of really good Redneck Engineering. Makes me very glad we didn’t get around to throwing stuff at each-other. Best regards.

  15. Red Stripe, mon. Curiously refreshing at room temperature, in a place where refrigerators were not common when it came to be.

    When I learned to drink what the people who LIVE there are drinking, wherever I was, I found there is no better way to appreciate beer (or other drinks). There is nothing quite as good as the local brew–usually. When they add stuff to it so it travels better, it just isn’t the same. If there is anything finer than Guinness *IN* England or Ireland, God kept it for Himself. But, although Gibraltar is techincally part of the UK, Guinness in Gibraltar is NASTY. I got nothing but a persistent bad taste and a headache, as if I’d skipped the buzz & gone directly to the morning-after.

    Red Stripe in the Caribbean, at room temperature, was clearly brewed to be enjoyed that way. Best regards.

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  18. This stuff is made by a Polish guy so this time it’s not “English Russia” but rather “English Poland”.

    The Orlen’s logo (Polish petrochemical company) is clearly visible in the background.

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