50 Years of the First Artificial Earth Satellite

50 Years of the First Space Satellite 1

50 years ago Soviet Union orbited into the space the first man-made satellite (Sputnik 1) and thus started the space era of the mankind (and the era of the space confrontation between two super powers as well). Some pictures below.

The sound of the first Soviet artificial Earth satellite

50 Years of the First Space Satellite 2

The first Soviet artificial Earth satellite “Sputnik 1”.

50 Years of the First Space Satellite 3

An old Soviet stamp.

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26 thoughts on “50 Years of the First Artificial Earth Satellite”

      • Oh. I thought it was to keep the astronauts/cosmonauts from killing each other in a cramped spaceship…
        Come to think of it, some nice little THC patches would be a wonderful thing on a Mars Mission, take the edge off, prevent radiation poisoning, make the trip go by faster…

    • The gift for Intelligent Life out there. But why cognac, since we have vodka? Seriously, I’m polish and I think vodka is much better than any other liquors.

      • Well, they were given to them without authorization from the owner of these plans. In my family we call that stealing hehe.

        Anyway, the youngest member of the Manhattan Project, Theodore Hall, also passed “atomic” information to the soviets. Only he never get caught, like happened to the Rosenbergs.

  1. Cool – I saw Google’s Sputnik thing and wondered why they had it. I forgot that today was the day it went up and circled the Earth. My dad says he remembers back when he lived in a smaller town and his friends looked up and saw it go across the sky at night.

    • Yes, the newspapers published Sputniks’s daily schedule and flight path. In the evening everyone was outside watching for it.

    • “And that winking light that crowds around the globe gathered to watch in the night sky? Not Sputnik at all, as it turns out, but just the second stage of its booster rocket, according to Boris Chertok, one of the founders of the Soviet space program.”


  2. Was the Sputnik Stereo 6×6 camera named for the satellite, or for another reason?

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    Best regards.

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