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    • Challenging time……yes, I think with a good and balanced diet coupled with exercise any person has a shot at still looking good even after 20 years ! Also a happy disposition and a positive outlook on life can I believe, increase one’s longevity and works to slow down the aging process. So, eat well; exercise; keep a positive mental attitude; and be happy.

    • Seems to me you not only have a problem with basic geography buy also counting form 0-5. Well, I Guess estonian schools are more concerned with teaching kids how to give nazi salutes and vandalise jewish cemeterys, rather then teach them basic life skills. Oh well…

  1. #15 was smokin’ back in the day, and still isn’t bad now. I know that everyone gets old and fat (if we’re lucky) but why have so many of the old, fat women chosen to complement their age and fatness with horrible bleach-blonde hair?

  2. Like most people, they grew fat. Eating too much carbohydrates, no exercise [in particular the ladies]. And those haircuts… well, in Russia men don’t have ‘haircuts’. They have their hair cut, but thats it. Everything else is considered gay.

    • maxD, have you ever been to Russua to tell these things? You say men don’t have ‘haircuts’. What else? All russians drink vodka from samovar and dance on streets with bears? ROFL

      • Read my comments again.

        ‘men don’t have ‘haircuts’. They have their hair cut, but thats it. Everything else is considered gay.’

        You’re missing ironic statement. Russian males have the worst haircuts in the world.

        BTW, I’m born in Russia.

  3. Ебать ту люсю – это люди через 20 лет. Ваши же жирные рожи не узнать уже через пять лет, после окончания университета. Вы сравните свои тела через 20 лет, не говоря уже о ожирении мозгов. Ебонаты.

    • Нас много :))) Осталось дождаться автора фотографий, у которой их сперли без разрешения :)))))))

  4. If you are ugly young, you will remain ugly. If you are fat at young age you remain fat, if you are attractive at young age, at old it can go all ways.

  5. Actually, I think these people look good, for the most part. Someone commented that Russians age poorly…It’s only they don’t go get silly cosmetic surgeries like Americans. Well, maybe some of the “new” Russians are doing this in an attempt to be Wesetrn and cool. To age with grace is a virtue. I would date a couple of these men on here, now.

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