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      • Any bets that this is the same McDonald’s that we saw with the tractor drive through or where the cat throwing incident occurred?

            • Most defiantly! One day in Moscow is more then enough. Perhaps two in St. Petersburg because of all the cultural delights. But if you want to see real rustic Russia you will certainly have to go some way off. Tran-Siberian railway would certainly be very exiting but it also could be very expensive and time consuming. All depend on what you want and what you can afford.

              If you are on a tight budget, then I would suggest going to some provincial town like Podolsk which is about 40 miles for Moscow. You could easily get there by train or even a Taxi (which shouldn’t be very expensive if you can barter). Ones there, you could explore the nearby villages or delightful countryside. Anyhoo, send me a private message and we could talk in more detail.

              With regards to Mexico, I literally yesterday visited my travel agent and took away some brochures. There are some very good offers, but again, mainly on the Mayan Rivera and in particular Cozumel and Cancun. I haven’t booked anything yet, but will definitely by the end of next week. So I was thinking, if you haven’t booked ether, perhaps we could both go to the more or less the same place and possible meet up. I know it is very unlikely that our plans and times will coincide with that of each other’s, but still there is a small chance. And it would certainly be very interesting to see what the real Texas1 is all about 🙂

              • Boris,
                Thank you for your comment, I too want to visit Russia and see the cultural places as well, so your comments were helpful.


  1. I live in Russia last 27 years, and I can only say, that you see what you want to see or somebody wants you to see. So it`s not real Russia, but only the worst side of the picture.

    And forget about bears…

  2. я хоть и уёбок и часто смеюсь нинадчем, но тут шутки юмора не понял…

  3. I’m speak English bad, French good… Sorry for my English
    I’m very like that American and Britan citizens are thinking like that. Sometime past they will understand that their people have a wrong notinon of Russians, but it will be too late. 🙂 Fun that people, who fun last… Have a nice future

  4. Да офигительно живем… есть с чего улыбнуться…
    Вы Мурзилку почитайте, вообще приорете, особенно с фотоальбома )))
    Приезжайте – мы с вас поорем как вы тупо покупаете матрешки на арбате…

  5. Yankees, just watch this video ( http://rutube.ru/tracks/68652.html?v=4c852d60ec44a0dd233d120d1c4170cf) and try to answer the following quiestions:
    1. Who is Kofi Annan?
    2. Where France with Iran are placed?
    3. Where Berlin Wall is placed?
    4. How much sides has a triangle?
    5. And what is the country Utopia?

    Is it hard ??? Really ???

  6. So if the “Russian Navy” girl is 13 then is that some kind of cadet group? Just asking, my niece is in Canada’s Sea Cadets.

  7. Narod, chevo vi vse tak na pendosov napali???
    Ih pravitelstvo i tak vse mazgi im viebalo tak vi escho svaimi kammentami….
    Zabeite na vse eto. Pust sidiat v svoey pendosii i jrut gamburgeri, pust boyatso ehat suda oni tut nah ne nujni!

  8. нормальные фото!!! Хотя, многим пишущим на латинице больше бы понравились фото из Ирака американских и помогающих им … Жаль пока тут шутят их там убивают и спасибо Путину , что мы не воюем …

  9. Fack amerikan people.Kreizy man and woman….
    Короче не фига вас не жалко. 11 сентября.видимо мало вам.вы над россией ржёте.Horses.
    Буш ваш ублю ещё тот…

  10. Русский для америкоса это бухой дед с балалайкой верхом на медведе!

  11. Сразу видно что о России вы ничего толком не знаете. Несете несусветный бред иначе то, что вы написали не назвать.

  12. А мы ещё удивляемся, что пишущие нам в асю иностранцы первым делом спрашивают “Это правда, что у вас все время зима и по улицам ходят медведи?”

  13. 2 American Patriot: come here and try to see our “middle ages”. You look at these special photos and think that it’s all true, but you are mistaken.

  14. Пипец ,пиндосы ржу над вами )) до сих пор считаете ,что мы на медведах и в лаптях катаемся ))
    Hallo from Russia whith love ! 😉

  15. Looking at these photos I see many similarities between our countries. People love to just poke fun and laugh at themselves. From the comments above, I find the Yankees are still as ignorant as ever. No wonder that they are hated so everywhere they travel outside of the USA. Canada is very multicultural, we enjoy learning about other people and their traditions. Love your website. Thanks! Anish

    Migwetch ( means thankyou in Ojibwe )

  16. Uh…I’m confused. Where are all these horrible American’s comments I keep reading about? I haven’t seen one. All I see is, “Americans fat! You eat McDonald’s and be fat! You Yankees eat sheet! ha ha!”

    I’d assume they were deleted, whereas the rebuttals should have been too. Otherwise it comes off as a bunch of ignorant people spouting off the usual boring anti-American propaganda we’ve heard a million times for absolutely no reason. Looks dumb.

  17. There are no pet bears. In Russia you can see bear in zoo only. Bear on photo #1 is collage or photomontage or man in bear suit. In Russia kids can’t buy vodka or beer. Apparently kids on photo #2 just picked up empty box from vodka for pet house. Do you see the girl with a cat on the photo? Typical cop in Russia is a slim/thin. The cardboard cop is a road police experiment.

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