Vodka And Yoga 2. Walking on Fire

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It is well known, that Russian people use vodka for doing yoga. On the one hand, it helps to relax and make different exercises that need relaxation. On the other, some strong home-brew vodka can easily burn as a fuel. Drinking such beverage can allow you to walk on fire.

Caution! Only for Russians! Don’t try this at home!

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26 thoughts on “Vodka And Yoga 2. Walking on Fire”

  1. Very interesting. I don’t know about the vodka part in this, but I understand that there are physical principals that allow this to be done.

    • You need a fire that’s been burning for some time so that you have glowing (not flaming) embers that can be raked into a nice flat layer. You then need ash on top: ash is a good thermal insulator. Feet have thick skin. The rest is down to walking quickly and securely so that your feet do not stay down for long and go down flat without puncturing the ash layer. That’s what all the mental preparation is for: making sure that you walk correctly. It’s not uncommon for firewalkers to pick up a minor burn or two.

  2. Now, about that clothing… There is a big diversity in people’s earnings these days in Russia. There are lots of people who earn below the social minimum. And there is also a group of “novye russkiye”. They don’t know how to spend the money. So next time think twice before commenting on russian clothings.

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  4. it is easy to learn Yoga although it seems difficult at first try. I practice Yoga mainly for relaxation and for improving my blood circulation.


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