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menu on strange English in Russian restaraunt 1

One guy has visited Sochi city recently, this is the city where the Olympic Games 2012 are planned to be held. In one of the restaurants. They have plenty things to eat, like rubber, at least a foreign visitors can think twice if he wants “Min. voter “Akva” in ass.” (It’s just a quote from this menu..)

menu on strange English in Russian restaraunt 2

menu on strange English in Russian restaraunt 3

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  1. Sweetmeat – great !!! Konfeti as I remember is a chocolate (small pieces)

    BTW Pink Floyd band has been once translated in russia as a “camanda pinka flojda” which means “The Band of Pink Floyd” (name and surname of the main … singer)

    • your thinking of truffles or pralines r maybe even shavings, in French and west euro countries, Confette is meat braised in its own fat for hours until it’s preserved (seriously, so salty and fatty it preserves like ham and lasts for months after its done cooking)

      • Don’t try to write words you obviously don’t know: what you are describing is called “confit”. It’s mostly about fat, not salt, and it lasts for years.

  2. Check this crazy menu we encountered in St. Petersburg:

    “Moves entirely with sauce from cancers.”

    Yummmm! Sounds delicious!

  3. Check out this menu we found in St. Petersburg:

    “Moves entirely with sauce from cancers.”

    Sounds delicious!

  4. oh my. these translations are fakes indeed.
    pall=пэл=пел=sang but with funny accent
    mall=мэл=мел=chalk with funny accent too
    for russian ear it would sound like seng chelk

    so… this is just a joke

  5. Another layer of fun, this time Russian:

    Pic. 1 pos. 16 says “mineral water “Rychal-Su””.

    In Russian:
    Rychal – did growl (рычал)
    Su – am peeing (ссу)

    • Most of olympics internet site/ticketing/speaks are done by international technical services buyed (indirectly) by sponsors. No Borat inside. 😀

  6. “Ass.” here means “assortment”. They tried to say that there are a range of Akva waters. Oh yes, they don’t know English well enough to see that there’s something wrong with their menu. Well, not everyone in the world know English well. It’s surprising, isn’t it?

    If you think it’s funny, try to translate your favorite menu to Russian using an English-Russian dictionary and post here. We’ll laugh together.

  7. I remember a few years ago at the Sochi Radisson they had a bad translation. There was a dish called ‘Nazi Goering’ that seemed a lot like Nasi Goring….

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