12 thoughts on “Highway Holes”

  1. If he is doing at 60 mph.. the car will just go over the hole…. he was probably doing it slower in order for the front wheel to go in… maybe 30 mph….or slower.. sigh

      • I think you entireley missed his good point. I’m more concerned about his usage of an elipses to punctuate his sentences than his preference to convert any speed he sees into mph.

  2. Is that car a Lada? It kind of looks like a Chevy Nova that was almost an identical twin of the Toyota Corolla. It is the car of choice among Russians out on the west coast. It amazing because the last Nova was made almost 20-years ago.

    • Calcutta has worse roads than either NYC or Montreal and never sees any winters at all.

      Maybe NYC doesn’t get Montreal winters, but Montreal city authorities maintain the roads a bit better than they manage in NYC. Quite a lot better, surely?

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