Boil Your Milk Right

another secret Russian recipe 1

Here is another secret Russian recipe. This time you will know how to make delicious dessert from an ordinary canned goods. First of all you should take a condensed milk. Don’t open it and put the can into a boiling water. Wait for some time… and better go out from the kitchen and close the door. You will hear when the milk is ready.

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52 thoughts on “Boil Your Milk Right”

  1. 1)That milk is good without boiling.(I know, cause I’ve eaten it).
    2)Nice explosion & debris:-)
    3)Don’t try this@home
    4)Just imagine this one with some other canned foods:-)

  2. Boiling condensed milk at home during Soviet times was rather common way to make your own candies or filler for your home made cookies.

    It tasted really good.

    Boiling it is not dangerous, as the can is placed in boiling water so that it does not overheat.

  3. Looks like a cooking learning experience. Similar to putting liquid dish soap in your dishwasher. I don’t think she will make that mistake again.

  4. Wow! The walls and the ceiling look exactly like they do in my toilet. Only there it is not milk if you know what I mean. Though the color basically is right.

  5. It’s pretty tasty without boiling too.
    Soviets taught communists how to make it in their spare time.
    Or rather other communists just learned how to make it.
    My dad made it before.
    You just put it into cold water and start a fire underneath.
    ONce it boils, make sure the fire is low, not too much wood (or rather low gas now) and as long as it boils really low and really damned slow, it comes out like a lil sweet creamy gelatin thingy. halfway between jello and pudding and pretty frikken rich in flavor and content for a really cheap can of condensed milk. It’s pretty tasty and you can eat it with some black coffee or spread it a lil on some hard bread.

  6. This is a little confusing, the stuff in the blue can is not condensed milk as I know it. It has sugar added in some way and it is very good. In America condensed milk does not have sugar as far as I know. I always stock up on it when I am there as it has many uses. I have never boiled it even though people have told me too. Does anybody know more about it?

    • In America you have evaporated milk, which has no sugar, and sweetened condensed milk, which does have sugar and is a thick syrupy consistancy.

      I think you mean that you stock up on the evaporated milk.

    • Right, possibly there are too kinds of condensed milk in USA too.

      Soviets also used to have two. One which was sweet, thick and sticky, like this one. And another one, which was liquid and sugar free – which I do not see much sense having as it does not really fulfill well its basic function – saving space by removing excess water.

        • the Russian condensed milk is quite different from what I am used to in the UK. Our version, and possibily versions available in western europe and USA are the same: a little like single cream (10%) with added sugar. I always remember using condensed milk as a cream substitute when on Scout camp or in cooking.

          The Russian variant of condensed milk is much thicker and sweeter – with the consistency of thick custard or similar. You can pour it but with some difficulty.

          The people in the photo were trying to make “varyeni sgyoshonka” (boiled and condensed) – which looks more like jam (USA – jelly) removing the water from the less condensed version “sgyoshonoye moloko” (condensed milk).

          I heard stories about people causing explosions when trying to make this – I was under the impression you had to make a small hole in the tin to allow pressure and water vapour to escape. However I have heard from others this is not necessary so long as you do not allow the water used to heat the can, to boil.

          In this way I think the condensed milk, rather than being further condensed – is cooked, in a similar manner to the making of ryazhanka.

          I have never seen it done – I was lazy and bought the factory made varyeni sgyoshonka.

          All I know is that it is tasty 🙂

          Like a typical Englishman I like milk in my tea so I add a spoon in my tea (the less condensed version that is!)

  7. The canned milk cooked in that way tastes amazing! And it’s still widelly used in different desserts.

    The process is simple and even 5 y/o kid can cook it. All you need to do is to turn off the gas BEFORE all the water in the pan boils away. Otherwise the can becomes ovehited and explode.

  8. It’s popular to make toffee by boing cans of condensed milk all around the world.

    You can also heat them in the oven, which is supposed to be safer i.e. less risk of exploding the can.

    It’s often associated with making Banoffee pie. Which is a banana and toffee pie.

  9. She was tring to make “Doce de Leite” or “Dulce de Leche” (in portuguese and in spanish) – that´s very common in South America. Normally, you could buy it in supermarkets. But you can also make it boiling condensed milk for some hours.

  10. This is a very popular (and cheap) trick in Brazil. Is called “leite condensado” (condensed milk) in portuguese. You boil it on a pressure cooker and if you leave more time, thicker it will be. Up to the point it becomes a very solid gelatin-like tasty.

  11. Your supposed take beans out of the can BEFORE you cook them…these people must watch the simpsons…thats why it was banned from public tv in russia…

  12. Its just condensed milk. but boiled. very delicious, you should try it. just don’t overcook it :P.
    or u can buy it from most russian stores.

  13. Yes, Dulce de Leche is good and very common in in the states. Submerge in water and boil for three hours, let cool, then open. You must maintain the water level ensuring the can is submerged over the three hours or it will explode.

    • And rotate it (a fifteen minutes interval), in order to get it cooked in an identical way. Wonderful “dulce de leche”,”manjar”, “Doce de leite”, etc… Not as good as found in Latin America supermarkets, but good enough to kill anxiety…

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