dangerous juggling
14 More Dangerous Juggling

More Dangerous Juggling

Yesterday we had a video of a guy juggling at barbecue and hitting a bird occasionally, today there are two more
videos of the same origin - of dangerous juggling in some casual places like in office or at the bowling.
Riga, Latvia 1

42 A Big Thing

A Big Thing

Some strange big thing was transported across the streets of Riga, Latvia. People
actually didn't know why somebody needed this in the old city downtown.
Russian wedding 1

36 Wedding Carpets

Wedding Carpets

It's something strange even for those who have seen a lot of weddings -
these guys for some reason decorated their cars with carpets.
Russian roads 1

14 City Offroad

City Offroad

Even in the city sometimes a big four-wheel drive
car is not enough for secure driving...
a barbeque bird
15 A BBQ Pigeon

A BBQ Pigeon

This Russian guys were making bbq, everything
was OK, until a pigeon has not appeared:
strange abandoned place in Russia 1

98 An Abandoned Horror

An Abandoned Horror

Well, I have seen a lot of photos of abandoned places in Russia, but this one is something special. It looks like some unknown
lifeforms have invaded the area after people abandoned it, or did they abandon because of the invasion has started?
Pedestrian crossing in Russia 1

18 Pedestrian Care

Pedestrian Care

In some cities authorities care of pedestrian care much.
Sometimes, too much, making the pedestrian crossings like this one.
Paintings of Russian prehistoric North 1
49 Northern Dreams

Northern Dreams

  This guy, Vsevolod Ivanov, was born in Russian Karelia region, the place as some people think the prehistoric motherland of
all Northern nations. He is artist and is known for devotion of all his paintings to this ancient Russian North themes.
Old Russian water stadium 1

35 The Water Stadium

The Water Stadium

It was a Soviet legend, one and only Russian water stadium, in Moscow. The place where Russian
athletes could do surfing on public. Surfing was so exotic for Russia.. Now it lays abandoned.
Ukrainian car plates 1

23 Up-Side-Down Plates

Up-Side-Down Plates

Some bloggers report that there is now a new way to express their disagreement with road police has been spotted in Ukraine. When a driver doesn't agree with some speeding tickets or other penalties from the road police he
turns his plates up-side-down to show his disregard for police. Actually in Ukraine it has not been clearly stated in the traffic laws how the car plate should be mounted, so they cannot be penalized for this.

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