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  1. On pic 6 you can see that a bike hit a car. On pic 7 and 9 you can see that the painter’s truck was parked near the building with buckets of paint near it. What probably happened was this: a few bikes were already parked near the building, waiting for their buddies to join them. One of the arrived bikes hit the painter’s truck and spilled the paint all over the place.

    This site often gives you opportunity to practice Sherlock Holmes’ method of deduction. I love it.

    • Sherlock, you need to consider the fact that motorcyclists simply do not ride into parked vehicles unless something /very/ anomalous is going on. The only reason I can think of that’d cause such an event is being under the influence of some drug – alcohol is the first one to think about, especially in Russia. The people in the photos do not appear very drunk (although who can really tell from a photo?).

      (when you ride a bike – and I do – you are very vulnerable. It’s not like driving a car where you have strong protection between you and anything outside the car. Car and truck drivers etc can pretend to be invulnerable which is why they sometimes absentmindedly drive into things like other road users and lamp posts and so on. Bikers don’t – you just can’t fall asleep like that – they cause crashes through misjudging traffic and road conditions, not ignoring them.)

      From pictures 1 & 2, I reckon that someone threw a bucket or two of paint over the bikes and bikers when the bikes were parked by the roadside. I can’t see any sign of anything like a motor vehicle accident; it looks like an expensive bit of vandalism.

      • You are wrong. On the 6th picture there is a dented truck bumper, smoking bike on the ground and a bent paint bucket. On the next photo the bike was picked up. The photos were taken moments after the accident. You can also see on the ground that the paint was splattered everywhere – a result of it “exploding” on impact.

        As far as bikers not riding into things, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to know that it ain’t true.

        • I think one rider hit the paint can showering the other riders and their bikes. His bike went down and he slid into the truck. In the second photo he is seen holding his arm. He also has a cut on his forehead but his pride has taken the worst hit.

    • The paint splatter pattern cames from the back of the van forward right onto the three parked bikes. There are no disturbed paint on the ground so we can tell those bikes have not moved. CSI is also a good show for solving mysteries.

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  3. Comment by Texas1
    2007-09-30 11:50:52
    This is an abomination of my reputation. I am straight. I am a Christian

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  4. What you detectives have all failed to notice is the complete lack of any tyre marks in what is supposed to be fresh wet paint. None of those bikes were moving when it happened, at least, not that you can tell in any of those photos. No paint/tyre marks. There are a few footmarks.

  5. none of you, detectives, haven’t bother to look for original explonation from russian sites: http://www.dofiga.net/?page=3
    The rest of the bikers had just finished eating and came out, when one biker arrived with a wheelie and hit to the truck full of yellow paint from the speed appr. 60-80 km/h.

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