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    • you both are right.

      1) “construction site” theme was one of the favorite propaganda cliches used widely to show how efficiently the country is developing

      still, we have to remember that because of the chronical lack of materials and general chaos the construction used to take so long (many, many years) that finally you could not be actually sure, is the construction still going on or is the building site just abandoned.

      2) yes, in many places neighborhoods looked like this even after the construction was over. grass covered piles of abandoned construction material – usually unusable, as usable was stolen. the lack of normal pathways was notorious, so pools of mud and water with some bricks in it with board over them for walking – it was common sight.

      I remember, I was in Moscow in middle eighties. What surprised me that Moscow, being nominally the world class capital, reminded a huge village to me. Underdeveloped surroundings, blocks and blocks of gray uniform flat buildings with muddy yards, looking like the one we see on a picture here, with boards thrown into muddy puddles for people to walk on. And that was in the center of the city.

  1. Thanks for these wonderful illustrations. There are many fine paintings here but the first one is excellent. The artist is a master illustrator and has captured the moment perfectly.

  2. Dear elisei_zorine,

    if you are referring to Poland and the Czech Republic, we are talking about 10 anti-missile -missiles, which (the US states) are against potential missiles from Iran in the future. And the flight route to US from Iran goes straight over Poland & the czechs.

    The US is not aiming missiles @ russia. In fact, the only one who has talked about aiming missiles is… *ta-daa* Russia, who has threatened to aim its missiles at European targets should the construction of these anti-missile -sites begin. I don’t know, maybe govenment news agencies in Russia don’t tell that story to you, so I’ll excuse you this once.

    We’re not talking about nuclear missiles here. These missiles can’t even be aimed at Russia, since they are anti-missile -missiles. Even imagining they were used AS DEFENCE against russians in some remote point in the future, there’s only TEN of them, and in no way prevent the thousands and thousands of Russian nuclear missiles from tearing Europe and the world apart..


    • So you believe Bush? His track record is not very good. Believe me, this has less to do with Iran and more to do with bullying Russia. The Iranians have no ICBMs and won’t for some time. Would it not be better to seek containment and disarmament instead of re-igniting a cold war arms race?

      • I would also like to see Bush/Cheney impeached. You are right, it’s unlikely to happen. But Putin did make an effort at cooperation at some risk to himself when he gave the U.S. a free hand in central Asia. No strings were attached, but the U.S. repaid the favor by attempts to undermine Putin. You are also right about an alliance between Russia and U.S. It could still happen. Putin bought some time by his counter offer, but the outlook is bleak at the moment. Ahmadinejad doesn’t have the power we ascribe to him and he won’t be there for long anyway. The best course of action for the next U.S. President would be to remain firm in opposing nuclear armaments while makeing overtures to Iran for cooperation, possibly in conjunction with Russia, India and China.

    • >maybe government news agencies in Russia don’t tell that story to you

      True, almost all channels are government-controlled and biased, such as Rossiya.

      >the thousands and thousands of Russian nuclear missiles from tearing Europe and the world apart..

      Very interesting article: http://slate.com/id/2173108/

    • Nobody takes Russia that seriously. Russia would like to dream that they could ever be in the position to support another cold war but it just isn’t going to happen.

      Honestly, thinking Russia is in that position would be like thinking that Mexico or Cuba could start a cold war. It’s a joke.

      Russia can’t even afford to keep an eye on their own nuclear stockpiles and nuclear waste.

      • I hope you are right, for world’s sake. But judging by the amounts of anti-russian propaganda, twisting of public opinions, political sabotage and the aggressive foreign policy – US don’t seem to think so 🙁

        • Start with the U.S. State Departments Human Rights report on Russia. Any article about Russia in the Wall Street Journal or The Economist (especially articles by Edward Lucas). If that isn’t enough torture, any articles on Russia in The Weakly Standard or the National Repuke.

          • If you have read this rather voluminous report, then you know it is filled with unsubstantiated statements, heresay, and cases pending a hearing. Other cases were simply repeated from prior years, again pending legal outcome. The Report was designed to alarm the uncritcal reader and provoke outrage on the part of the Russian government. There are cases of rights abuses everywhere including the U.S. The question is how the rule of law is applies to remedy each case.

        • Sarah Mendelson is from the Center For Strategic And International Studies(CSIS) a right wing think tank. CSIS members include a number of former Bush administration people like Richard Armitage (Iraq war architect) as well as cold warriors like Zbigniew Brzezinski. This organization has considerable influence on U.S. foreign policy and functions as a shill for the adminstration.

            • The stated goal of CSIS is to guide U.S. foreign policy. CSIS receives funding from the U.S. government. Given the politics of CSIC members such as Armitage and Brzezinski and statements by Sarah Mendelson it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what CSIS is about. The proof is in watching and listening to what is going on. Over time a pattern developes, intentions emerge, and events prove or disprove the veracity of an opinion. It is what all informed citizens do, you included. Neither of us are in a position to “prove” anything. We can only present the basis of our opinions for consideration.

        • Now come on, you know this isn’t prove 🙂 Its a missinformed, to say the least, opinion of the Editor. However, I could also call it, an intentional propaganda peace designed to manipulate public opinion. Russia should take some lessons from the US propaganda, its certainly is the best in the world 🙂

          Getting back on the topic, can you provide some “Proof” (not twisted opinions, perhaps facts) that “independent news source is a concept totally alien to Russia”? – Not that strongly disagree with you, either..

    • “And the flight route to US from Iran goes straight over Poland & the czechs” – dude, you cannot be serious? Please buy yourself a world map! Ok, if you have such deficits in Estonia I shall provide one for you:


      Now little boy, look at the map and tell me if you could draw a straight line between between Tehran and Washington and tell me if this line passes anywhere through Poland or Chach republic? 🙂 While you are there, tell me if you can draw the same straight line between Moscow and Washingotn and tell me if this line passes through Poland and Chech republc? Hope you get my drift.

      I honestlly do onot belive that there is even one person in Europe abouve the age of 10 who actually believs such absurd excuse for installing the missle shield. This person has to be neo-con propagandist playing to the alien to reality redneck audience watching the Fox channel (who cannot read never mind make sense of the world map) in order to support their acts of pure aggression. My God, who could actually believe a clear lie like that? How dumb is the american public? I am speechless…

      “We’re not talking about nuclear missiles here” – oh com’on, you are not a dumb redneck. Shurlly you realise that they could be converted in whatever US wants them to be. And why not? What’s russia gonna do about it?

      Dude, the Installation of Missile Shield is far from being a laughing matter. But what you just wrote there made me wet my pants 🙂

      I can’t belive people are actually debating such a laughable comment. What has the world come to?

      • It’s like I said. The former republics don’t trust the Russians and they have asked the US to be there. It’s not like we are twisting their arms. We are happy to make friends with the former republics.

      • Thanks again, I have a globe, but I am forced to make the same conclusion. WTF is wrong with you? Are you really that dumb, or do honestly believe that anyone is going to believe such frankly comical propaganda 🙂 The shield would only work is for some reason the missle form Tehran were to make a totally unnecessary loop adding a few thousand miles to the route. Man, you are too much 🙂

          • Prove that you are not a braindead redneck, by proving that you assumtion about the missile “shield” is based on your own observation and not on what FOX news is feeding into your little head on the daily basis. Prove it!

            • You can’t answer his question, can you? The same as you cannot prove in any way that the US Missiles Shild is aimed at Iran. I think we can all see who has clearly lost that argument, can’t we Mr. Scientist? Trust me, you will make yourself appear far less pathetic if you just say “I give up”.

              With regards to “YOUR credentials”, you can say what ever you like, but that is of cource would be considered “ad hominem” as you yourself have pointed out. My credential are – that I am Neal Armstrong. Hope you get my drift 😉

              Thefore, I conclude, that you have failed to prove anything apart form the fact that you are middle-aged unemployed man living in his parents basement.

              Case closed.

                • I guess that’s a “YES” then.

                  You know, I do genuinlly feel sorry for you. You have made yourself look pathetic.

                • Isn’t it funny how a person with a Ph.D. from a leading university cannot prove that the missile shield is aimed at Iran not russia.. hm 😕

                  Certainly makes one wonder if anybody at all can prove that this is not just a groundless and frankly riduculus PR cry..

                  Having said that, I am sure that at least 99% of the world population see this as the most unconvincing lie that neo-conservative fascists have yet produced.

              • For the last time I am not Boris John or Texas1. I am Justin for Norwich – Norfolk – England.

                And if you don’t know who Neal Armstrong is, then here is an educational link for you


          • Hello again to the twins Boris/Justin,

            It would seem my ouverture has escalated into an entire thread of its own. A world where Great circles are straight lines, and a consequence, the Earth is flat.

            Oh, and missile flight-routes aren’t the lines already drawn on the globe either.

            Besides your ability to navigate, I would like to question your literacy level. The fact that you think I live in Estonia puzzles me in the utmost, as I tend to note “Finland” to the end of my every post.


                • Uh, listen man.. Just because *you* use multiple nicks to create the illusion that your opinion has supporters, doesn’t mean the guy next door does.

                  I am a separate person. I can prove it by speaking finnish, a feat few here can perform.

                  Nyt loppuu se paskan jauhaminen Boris! Perkele!

                  • Boris has demonstrated his unusual ability to swear in many rare European languages.

                    Which makes me think that he is either polyglot (not impossible though highly unusual) or (much more likely) he goes to some russophone chat channel where his gang of leftist friends hang up or emails some commy buddy and asks to translate a word or two – simple, quick and effective.

    • Why don’t russia install missile defence shield in Cuba and clam that it’s aimed at North Korea and not at the US? Russia would certainly have more credible argument..

  3. Rockwell was a great illustrator. His subject matter was similar to these artists, common people in everyday situations. Although many of Rockwell’s paintings for the Saturday Evening Post were whimsical, some held tremendous emotional impact. Each of these paintings tell a story that photographs can seldom duplicate.

    • Yes, Rockwell has been criticized for the popularized content of his paintings. But he was commissioned by a mainstream magazine for many of them. Consider also a painting in which a little girl is escorted to school by U.S.Federal Marshals. It is a less than flattering statement about American intolerance.

    • Things do keep getting better though. Sure, we hit a short term snag in our lives every once in awhile. However, I think we are all richer today then we were 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago and so on.

  4. Once again, John crawls away in defeat and sinks into his miserable commie lifestyle where all of his problems are someone else’s fault and there are never any opportunities.

  5. Dude, you are contradicting yourself again. You’ve just said that “Cynical’s point is true” and yet you are clearly admitting that the US missile shield is aimed at russia.

    Ahh, you must be just confused 🙁 Mind you, neo-cons seem to get confused quite often these days 🙁


    Or is it just a texan thing?

  6. Again many thanks for these wonderful illustrations. There are many fine paintings here but the first one is outstanding. The artist is a master illustrator and has captured the moment perfectly. The paintings 11, 12, and 13 are so luminous. They appear to be by the same artist. Does anyone know the names of any of these artists? A wedding is a joyous occasion of happiness and hope, how could such an event be portrayed otherwise?

  7. The paintings were so full of life and the beauty of a wedding. There were so many joyous events to witness and one of the people here, it was his grandparents. What a nice collection.

  8. Image

    I wonder if those two cranes collapsed shortly after the honeymoon. 😀

    No offense meant by my comment, I like Russia (I live in the Midwest USA).

  9. You people need to relax. Get out and do something on your weekend….. like normal people. Arguing about arguments and points and proof and what not….jeez….relax, enjoy life.

    • Hi D. Yes, This can get out of hand sometimes. This time I was lucky. We had rain much of Sunday. On the other hand, for me every day is a weekend. Keep up the good work D. See you up top.

  10. has anyone noticed how EMPTY are tables of wedding parties ?

    Russian wedding nowadays:


  11. Антон, тебе нравятся эти свадебные рисунки?
    Ты сам часом не рисуешь акварелью такие же пафосные картинки? Твоих родителей нет там на картинках?
    Они наверное так же справили такую же свадьбу в деревне своей?
    Антон русский патриот.
    На, вот посмотри, классная свадьба.


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  13. “Painting, like music, has nothing to do with reproduction of nature, nor interpretation of intellectual meanings. Whoever is able to feel the beauty of colors and forms has understood non-objective [abstract] painting.” — Hilla Rebay

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