New Island in Russia

New Island in Russia near Sochi 1

It seems like Russia (which is the biggest country in the world) tries to compete with Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in unique construction projects. Before the building of artificial skiing resort had been finished (the similar one stands in UAE), Russian government has presented to the public the model of artificial island that will be raised from the Black Sea waters near Sochi coast in 2014, towards the opening of the Olympic Games. It is no no wonder that the island will be called “The Federation” – its shape will resemble the whole country in miniature.

New Island in Russia near Sochi 2

New Island in Russia near Sochi 3

New Island in Russia near Sochi 4

New Island in Russia near Sochi 5

New Island in Russia near Sochi 6

New Island in Russia near Sochi 7

New Island in Russia near Sochi 8

44 thoughts on “New Island in Russia”

    • I was thinking the same thing. Especially with all the other projects in the area at the same time. And to maintain it is just as hard as building it. It needs to be dredged all the time for something like this to not get washed away.

        • On some issues there is little differece. On balance I prefer Democrats because they tend not to hurt working people as badly as the Republicans do. The neo-cons have boxed us in on this one. Bush/Cheney can’t do anything else but stay the course because no one will help them anymore. I am not enthused about Hillary Clinton, but I would think that any new Democratic administration should have the latitude to lay out a new Middle-East policy. A policy that garners real international support for a structured peace in the region. It’s a tall order because too many people are makng money off this war.

        • John From Kansas,
          Cigarette Tax
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          Every Democratic State is in the Red!
          Drive through Detroit and see what Democrats did…

  1. “A special law was passed that allows the government to steal their land from whoever they damn please” – how exactly are they “stealing” their land? What are you talkng about? Prove it!

  2. In America, the government is allowed to take any land it pleases at anytime, for any reason. And they give you what “they think” the land is worth at the time. Its been done already…recently fought in the supreme court…and upheld. So Russia is not doing anything that the free and democratic america isnt also doing. Stop complaining. At least you dont live in a third world country….your country at least has the money to build and make this resort town better for many years to come. O and my tax money is funding the war in Iraq right now…not by my choice either.

  3. ummm global warming …. our lifetime? just how long are u planning on living? currently the sea level is rising roughly 3mm (some studies say 0.07mm)a year with an acceleration of 0.0013mm (therefore 100 years = less then a foot)…. so maybe your great great grandchildren may be priviaged enough to see the planned structures be demolished, the island reformed and new structures built.

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