35 thoughts on “Too Busy to Drive”

    • No, it looks like there is impact damage. I’d bet Motorola picked this car up from the junk yard in wrecked condition and slapped a RAZR phone on it.

  1. The idea that an advertisement/model of a giant cell phone could cause that much damage to a car is ridiculous – unless it was made of something more substantial and was dropped from much higher than ten feet.

    The advertisement is clever, though. I wish I could see exactly what is on the phone and what is written on the billboard – it probably enhances the joke.

  2. This is not Photoshop or car accident. This is just advertisment of new Motorola RAZR. Todays morning i was there. This “composition” is situated in Moscow, on the parking near IKEA, MEGA, AUCHAN (big supermarkets). The slogan is RAZR – sharper than anything.

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