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  1. Это видео – ясно фальшивка фотомагазина. Я сделал это с моим родным братом Игорьом.

  2. So you are telling me Ukraine is not in Russia? I have heard everything now.

    I might have to apply for a passport and travel to this mythical place “russia”

    • Ukranian leader is a joke. Even the west has abandoned him.

      Two seperate governments? They are two seperate people located in two seperate lands. I dont want to start another race conversation, but they look and act different too. They arent russian.

    • You mean the leader who rules by minority, imprisons or assinantes his political opponents, under who’s rule businessmen who support Party of the Regions tend to end up mysteriously dead, etc, etc – you mean this “respectable” leader?

      It would be very interesting to know what you think of Georgia’s leader also, Texas1? Is he also a respectable leader?

  3. That’s all because of Orange gopvernment, and personally Yulia Timoshenko and USchenko.

    They are american mationets who are not interested in Ukraine!

    Vote for Yanukovich! Save Ukraine from orange plague!

      • Броня крепка, и танки наши быстры,
        И наши люди мужеством полны.
        В строю стоят советские танкисты,
        Своей великой Родины сыны.


      • Russia will leave Ukraine to rot after the way they turned their backs on Russia. Then when its begging for help we’ll desolve their government and begin russification.

  4. Yes. Surely. “Such an environment” in Western part of Ukraine was created in 1939 when USSR annexed parts of Poland. For the rest of the Ukraine it all started right after the WWI.

  5. The teacher does not have:
    1- special training to know how to control the class
    2- the legal support from the scool administration to expell from the class and detain forawile or expell from the school
    3- prepared lessons and materials:smartboards, power points, handouts to keep kids busy on the subject
    4-language: he slips all the time from ukrainian to russian
    5- voice: is not deep enough to be authoritative for the teens; he scared to turn his back to the class to write down the formula on the board, he should of have it on the board before kids are in class, kids supposed to have their paper for the quiz, the teacher suppoused to start the class with the quizz to calm them down or just leave the class for awile to let them calm down, the teacher should not allow to use cellphone or whatever they using to tape it, it is illegal to have it in class here in US;

  6. I wouldn’t let the kids totally off the hook. Yes,they are products of their environment, but it’s also a little thing called self-responsibility. They’re at least 14 or 15, and should know better than to behave that way in school.

  7. I think this kind of things happened in the soviet times too. Remember Andrey Chikitalo the infamous murderer? He was a teacher who got bullied by his students, and he was mentally too weak to resist them.. And this things happened in the soviet times.


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