No Way

street of St. Petersburg 1

This house that is located in St. Petersburg downtown is being renovated these days. So they built a safe passage around the house so that nothing of construction junk could smash the heads of passers-by. But those strange pedestrians don’t use it! They prefer to detour the house by the road surface, where there is a good chance to meet a car. Why they don’t use the safe passage but risk their lives walking on the traffic are?

street of St. Petersburg 2

street of St. Petersburg 3

street of St. Petersburg 4

street of St. Petersburg 5


17 thoughts on “No Way”

  1. Heh!
    Am third!
    About the pictures: it’s the same all over the world i guess.
    Maybe they fear that the scaffolding itself crashes on them while they are inside the “tunnel”… 😐

  2. i know that passage. as you can easily see on the photos there is a good reason why people prefer to walk on the street: there is an advertisement right in the middle of the way, which makes it nearly impossible to use the protected passage.
    obstacles are very usual on the sidewalk: it’s an annoying habit that people park their cars directly on the sidewalk if they are to lazy to look for a proper parking lot (there would be enough of them …)

  3. PHOTOSHOP, not really, pros is a fat, dog raper!

    Me always walks on road for no reason too, even when my Vodka levels are low

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    Not Igor thought

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