Urban Jewellery

weird golden jewellery 1

Two Russian designers Stas Zhitsky and Sergei Kuzhavsky from the OPEN!Design&Concepts studio create quite unusual jewellery. Would you like to wear the golden ear-rings in a shape of clothes-pegs? Or how about a tiny horse collar on your finger?

weird golden jewellery 2

Ear-rings for curtains.

weird golden jewellery 3

Golden cage.

weird golden jewellery 4

Amulet “Chicken God”.

weird golden jewellery 5

Ancient Greek style ring.

weird golden jewellery 6

Glass ring (white gold and sapphire).

weird golden jewellery 7

Horse collar (gold and meteorite).

weird golden jewellery 8

Horse collar with sapphire (white gold).

weird golden jewellery 9

Golden rings made in Ionic style.

weird golden jewellery 10

Nail style jewellery.

weird golden jewellery 11

White gold plaster.

weird golden jewellery 12

Purse alike ring and bracelet.

weird golden jewellery 13

Crystal safety device (amulet).

weird golden jewellery 14

Golden screws for your ears.

weird golden jewellery 15

Golden talent.

weird golden jewellery 16

“Where?” style. Golden ear-rings, ring and big seal-ring below.

weird golden jewellery 17

weird golden jewellery 18

Diamond Inside.

submitted by Ogurtsov
via 2opena

26 thoughts on “Urban Jewellery”

  1. Is Moscow really super expensive?

    Why? Because its only 1 of the 2 cities in Russia? What about all the dirt poor drunkards we see every day on this site? How do they pay the gold jewelry bills?

    How can they exist in Moscow if its so expensive?
    More expensive than London? C’mon! I dont believe it.

    What are some average prices for things in Moscow?

        • Countries like Sweden and Iceland have much less poverty than places like the USA. Ireland should have less poverty than the USA since it’s richer (per capita). And in the USA, poor people do indeed not starve. They get by selling drugs, mugging, and so on – much as they do in Russia, I expect.

          One would expect it to be hard to starve in a country that supplies so much financial aid to its farmers as the USA – food prices are dirt cheap in the states because of the farming subsidies the US government provides.

        • Yeah… that way they die faster… in russia you maybe don’t have money for food, but you always have money for vodka

    • Moscow is indeed a very expensive city. Yes, even worse than London. Why? I’m no economist. FWIW, petrol in London is a lot more expensive than almost everywhere else in the world.


      World’s most expensive cities
      Moscow surpasses Tokyo as priciest metropolis. Asuncion, on the other hand, is still a big bargain.
      By Jeanne Sahadi, CNNMoney.com senior writer
      June 26 2006: 10:00 AM EDT

      NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — The vodka may be cheap, but according to the latest cost-of-living survey from Mercer Consulting, Moscow now ranks as the world’s most expensive city, edging out Tokyo, which held the No. 1 spot for four straight years.

  2. I very much wish to have golden bear turd on chain to wear while disco dancing with hot russian prostitutes. Can you give me good price on such item?

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