25 thoughts on “The Bus of Death”

  1. Legalize all drugs and control them through the government (I think Putin would do a very good job, he likes to control things). Addicts could only get their drugs from the government, and for cheaper than they get from the pushers, it will put the pushers out of business, thus no more new addicts in one generation.

    Russia could make billions of rubles/dollars/euros selling marijuana to happy western hippies.

      • Very good idea for organised crimes and social evils.how you allow something bad and so dangerous to human race.if we think your point valid for a while,why we don`t allow killers to murder,why we don’t fully legalise illegal child porn?because SOME` persons don`t feel good about the unnesseray hurdles for the finding their sweet and under age sex mate.

    • “it will put the pushers out of business, thus no more new addicts in one generation.”

      Your logic is flawed. Making drugs easier to access will not get rid of addicts. Think about it.

      You put drug dealers out of business and they will find other business. Possibly selling guns…or people.

  2. by jove, wth is wrong with these ppl? the worst that happenned in the US was a drunk airline pilot, but even then planes practically fly themselves…

  3. Igor’s father was a bus driver who taken drugs to keep alert for the 19 hour shift straight, with only 1 brake of 30 minutes
    Igor just tends to use vodka to keep alret when driving toxic wastes truck

  4. I feel for the people who might have got on that man’s bus. That dealer who gave him the bad smack might actually be a hero who saved 40 lives.

  5. You gave great points here. I made a research on the subject and found nearly all peoples will agree with your blog.

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