48 thoughts on “He Just Fell Asleep”

  1. he probably drank too much aftershave [the strongest of Russian drinks] [te govt puts limits on how strong can be sold as beverage, explainging why you can find really expensive 98% alcohol “aftershave” in russian pharmacies]

    • in Latvia, if they catch you driving drunk they take your car away. actually there was intention to confiscate cars, i don’t know really how far that has been implemented. but for now I guess they are just towed to the police parking lot and you have to come later and pay to get them out. the fines have become very harsh. seldom now people dare to drink and drive. too much trouble if caught.

  2. That is clearly not a russian BMW. On the last picture you see the LV sign on the plate, and on the first you can notice the +371 .. phone number, where +371 is the calling code of Latvia.

    Sorry, no russians this time.

    • I guess everyone should be sure about it. It also says in Latvian “POLICIJA” in large letters on a police car.

      Still this site is also about Russians outside of Russia, and Latvia has a lot of Russian speaking people who arrived from USSR after the WWII.

  3. the guy is latvian.
    was speakin clear latvian, did not even used russian swearwords.
    probably one of many real eastate buy cheap-sell with 200% profit’ers 😀

    used a word Parpali ( “a” as aaa )

    par – over
    pali – drunk (very)

    but not, he didnt do that…. he said so 😀

    and antispamword was vodka 😀

  4. I suggest to take a nap first before driving if you feel like you need one. It will save us from any kind of accident and harmful stuff. Don’t push yourself too much for something that you can’t.
    By the way that’s a nice car, how sad you just scratched it.
    Let’s always be responsible for all our actions!

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