22 thoughts on “Graffiti Kids at Work”

      • Ohh– that’s not fair at all– Banksy didn’t invent graffitti (I could just as easily say Banksy is ripping off Keith Haring), he just has a very particular style of politically-themed graffiti. There’s nothing particularly political about this, nor does it emulate Banksy’s style (it’s not even a stencil, which is Banksy’s main method).

        so there.

  1. Nice work. Simple, whimsical, good use of repitition. I agree, its large paper prints/transfers pasted to the wall with wheat paste or something similar. Wonder how it holds up in the weather?

  2. They are using the Rasterbator (homokaasu.org/rasterbator)and then wheat pasting. Not really graffiti, rather “street art”… Not bad, but not so original.

  3. I’m unsure if I like this. It’s reminds me a bit too much of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, or something of that nature.

  4. Have you not seen how people apply posters in the streets? they use a bloom to apply the glue. It´s the same process but with a paintbrush, to apply it with every kind of detail.

  5. It’s just a big, nicely printed sticker…
    For a true stencil art, visit M-city’s page:
    this guy rock’s!

  6. Yeah, that brush isn’t used to paint. He’s applying paste to the wheat paper, kind of like glue. So it sticks.

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