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    • I am sorry, what pictures? As far as I am aware, I cannot see any pictures that even remotely look like they were taken in Cuba. Which pictures in particular are you referring to?

  1. I saw russian, ukrainian, moldavian, polish number plates.
    BTW, this one looks cool http://englishrussia.com/images/more_weird_russian_tuning/131.jpg

  2. I’m quite sure that at least 2 or 3 are factory mint (limited run or special order) especially for some of the high-lifts or off roaders….

  3. One day I will drop an American 350 v-8 into a 71-72 Lada Zsiguli and put in a new trans and rear axle to handle the power. 350 is 5.7 liter engine. 5700cc

  4. fascinating stuff…

    it just goes to show once again that russians are simply unfamiliar with the concepts of “good taste” and “style”…

  5. Hey you sceptics!
    I called to owner of that Moskvich and he told there really is the original engine. Not a copy of BMW. Aluminium.. Twin-turbo, over 600hp, turbo pressure about 4 kilos!!! Rear axel is from Toyota Hiace. Quarter mile 9,7 sec…
    See the video. (Finnish program, so if you don’t understand it, it’s not my problem..)


  6. No doubt, Russians are simply unfamiliar with the concepts of “good taste” and “style”… but Ize sure got one…

    Grrrrrrr88888 post Ize…keep goin…cheers!!!!

  7. oh my! some absolute horrors there!
    also some works of genius ingenuity… plenty time and effort spent trying to conjure something from nowt…

    that said… I am rather taken with the idea of getting hold of one of those old round-light Ladas and doing a proper job on it… slammed, smoothed, new running gear, nackers well and truly tuned off…

    people knock these cars, but i like them, and there’s nowt wrong with individuality & wanting to do something a bit different.

  8. Hát azért az orosz autós kollégák sem pihennek nagyon tetszenek a LADA-megoldások, Zastava, brakasz, van minden.
    Überkirály kocsik is vannak.

    LADA az eggyik nagy kedvenc orosz autóm 🙂

    Russian cars Nice, Lada First car. 😀

  9. i live in russia im 14 years old but i know all about those cars as i like them some cars are not modifications like :a bus with ZIL cabin!its a ZIL bus fro ZIL factory a rare car!

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  12. some of those pictures are not from russia. but no wonder that americans think that poland or czech republic are in russia.

  13. Just a shortened subcompact. It has been cut in half, then the cabin reduced to 2-seater dimensions and welded back together. Planning and metalworking skills would be needed for success in such a project. Do it right, the result has as much horsepower as before, but now the car is a few hundred kilos lighter and quicker to steer. Unless you did it with an old VW bus, the successful result is a serious redneck sports-car. It looks like this one was done acceptably well. Best regards.

    • That was posted as a reply to somebody trashing the little Redneck Sports-coupe in Photo #49. Best regards.

  14. …with WHOSE “concepts of ‘good-taste’ and ‘style,’…?” Americans once took such liberties with motor vehicles, before such liberties were taken from them by bureaucrats & Insurance Overlords. Best regards.

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  19. Hi,

    I wanted to let you know that I have been watching for a a couple of months on and off and I would like to sign up for the daily feed. I am not to computer smart so I’ll give it a try but I might need some help. This is a good find and I would hate to lose contact, and maybe never discover it again.

    Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to reading again in the future!

  20. Hey… Some pics are not tuning, they are real original cars:


    UAZ 452, only with bigger tires

    GAZ 2975 – Tiger

    GAZ M20 Pobeda M72:

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