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It’s hard to speak about fashion in Soviet Union. The production of clothes, as any other production, was in the hands of the State. So there simply was no choice left what to buy. All stylish clothes from the Western world countries, as any other foreign goods, were forbidden. People wearing such clothes were called “stilyaga” (“dandy” with very negative connotation). Even more, such life style was pursuing by the legendary KGB department (State Security Committee). So looking too fashionable was forbidden and even dangerous. As for women, they could not look too attractive also. It was forbidden. Otherwise they would get some problems with entry into Komsomol (Young Commuinist League) and, as a result, problems with getting job. In the USSR every person should be the member of that political organization.

Of course, within these strict moral borders, there was a fashion in Soviet Union. Or it could be called “the Soviet style”. Here are some art works and public posters of that time.

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  1. In nation of plentyfulness Amerika, we dress women as them to reduce our need for the “product no. 2”. Our men hide when seeing them and keep the population low.

  2. Style is beyond fashion, beyond vogue. The so-called “Soviet style” is a conservative clothing design that is still appreciated.

    • I believe it’s not vodka, but “avtolavka”. In soviet times they used to have such groceries on wheels that used to deliver necessities to remote areas so people do some shopping.

  3. In the 1970’s Americans were being raised to believe that there really was no horror greater than that of a Russian womans face. In the 90’s, it was, “every Russian is a member of the mafia and will kill you”. I love propaganda. What bad things did the Soviets say about Americans that’s not true? Or did they get it right?

    • Not true. News of the Russian mafia grew with children of Russian gangsters started attending college in the US. It was the children of Russian mobsters, who blew incredible sums of money that fueled the stories about the Russian mob.

  4. Shame really, that your russkis should think this was. Most Westerners wish you well. Americans had to ‘get over’ the realization that the old Soviet Union was self destructing, that was uncertain and hard for a time. All sorts of reorientations went on. In the West, it was a confusing time.
    After 5 trips to Rossiya over 6 years, I became a believer. I really like the place and the people, though I could never bring myself to life there.
    Most of the Russkis I know are on-track or have already gotten US citizenship. I don’t think this is anything to worry about. Inter-ethnic couplings go on all the time, since the beginning of time really. G]

    • It may come as a surprise to some that most of the Russians I know or knew (MOST but not all) made some of the best, most patriotic and most industrious American citizens I ever met.

  5. πŸ™‚

    Great way to start a conversation on Soviet-era fashion to end up on zoophilic gangbanging with sharks and tarantula (a spider)… wo-aw…

  6. I noticed that in the photos…as time went by the fashions became more ..western in style. such as the 1963 dated pictures.

  7. If the beauty for you is defined through the mass of makeup I’m sorry about you.

    Latin girls are very good (which I cann’t say about the French). But Russians are better… and Japanese are also good πŸ™‚

  8. Some regions of the USA have contributed with some special symbols to the hip hop fashion. New York preferred hooded clothes and Timberland boots while the West Coast liked big flannel shirts and Converse sneakers. The South brought in gold teeth fashion.

  9. They all are graceful. Old fashion was great. Even today, designers blend both current and past trends together to produce new looks.
    Thanks for the post.

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  11. It is so inaccurate! The high-ranking KGB themselves had access to western made clothes. Here’s how it was

  12. And the part about stilyagi – it was just a brief trend in mid 50-ies (?) I guess. Obviously, the little you know about Soviet fashions you just google up


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