More Moscow Dungeons

underground river under Moscow 1

Two Moscow inhabitants decided to explore collecting system under the building where they live. So they found the right gully grating, opened it and came down. How they were surprised, discovered the whole system of caves with the real underground river. Now they say, that it is one of their favorite places in Moscow to have a walk at evenings, or just to have a rest near river right under the house.

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underground river under Moscow 2

underground river under Moscow 3

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underground river under Moscow 5

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46 thoughts on “More Moscow Dungeons”

    • It’s described as an underground river, not a sewer. It’s common to build over the top of a small river in cities.

      Mind you, this underground water flow looks to have been put into entirely man-made tunnels, not just roofed over.

      FWIW, sewer workers are apparently much less likely to catch disease than average. I suppose it’s the constant low-level exposure to all the bugs going around that does it.

    • just as you or any other guy `enjoy` peeing or pooing! ! ! !.dude they are thrill seekers,you can`t imagine the true spirit of adventure of something unexplored…let come out from your dark and wet room,and watch the world,you never seen.

  1. Cool!!!

    I like the lighting patterns they have drawn with their flashlights. And the mushroom is amusing!

    It would be interesting to take water samples and analyse them – is it sewerage or just some river enclosed underground with fresh water. It does look like sewage though.

  2. I guess it may become very dangerous if heavy rain starts. The channel may fill with stormwater almost instantly and anyone inside will drawn.

  3. If you are in the UK and are interested in this sort of thing or other urban exploration check out


  4. Pretty cool. I’d like to see more of this system (not necessarily in person, though).

    I’ve seen pictures of other waterways that were covered like that. There are quite a number in oldest areas of the US that were covered and built over. Some tie into the local sewer systems or flood control systems, too.

  5. It is very disheartening to learn that most Russians are devoting time and effort to discover sewers when the world is busy focusing on discovering cure for aids, peace in the middle east and global warming

  6. Hangin’ out in the stagnant festering sewage is how you like to spend your free time? You have no one to blame but yourself when your next-born comes out as a 17 fingered cyclops.

  7. Many of the pictures completely kick ass, but then I am a fan of both experiencing the world a our me and of the ability to learn, albeit secondhand, in pictures or prose, what others learn that I might never witness. I lament that most of the annoying comments seem to have been posted by fellow Americans, proving that many of my fellow citizens are troglodytes, the intellectual equivalent of the 17-fingered offspring referenced above, not out searching for the cure for AIDS…

  8. have they checked for ivan the terrible’s secret library in any of their ‘wanderings’? the russians have been looking for the spot for hundreds of years, maybe they finally found the way in.

  9. i wonder why all russians seem drawn to dirty things like this. apparently they have the highest animal abuse in the world. eg. bear abuse.years of oppression as these poor people have and continue to suffer will inspire them to do dirty things like this. i find it very sad and disturbing. thankfully there were no children involved.

  10. Looks remarkably clean too me, at least when compared to the “underground rivers” of say, NYC. I didn’t see even one corpse, no needles, no stray people, or homeless pets. There was no trash, no tampons, no beer cans, no plastic water bottles and no used condoms. Would I have gone down there, since it was so “pristine”?

    Hell no!

    I prefer the smog filled air of our cities myself. But I think that if I had to go to an underground river, Moscows would be my choice.

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