Soviet War Games

soviet war games and zarnitsa 1

War games were quite usual and sometimes even obligatory thing in Soviet Union both for children (pioneers) and for adults. “Zarnitsa” (sheet lightning) was the most widespread and famous one, when a big group of people was divided into two confronting teams. The aim was to capture a flag, “secret” documents or army headquarters. Here are some historical photos. It looks like a real war.

soviet war games and zarnitsa 2

soviet war games and zarnitsa 3

soviet war games and zarnitsa 4

soviet war games and zarnitsa 5

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  2. As I understood, they didn’t use a bullets during a game at all. But on a specially equiped grounds (and it’s my own experience from school) we did, but there wasn’t any chance to shot sobemody (if you don’t really tried, of course;))

  3. Children played Zarnitsa without any weapons and bullits. Instead of that everybody slightly sewed some kind of shoulder straps and you needed to tear them off from your “enemy” when fighting (no fist beating but just wrestling). If both straps are off your are dead. If one only your are wounded. It was really cool. Much better than paintball, although I like it as well.

  4. That pic looks like its been pulled the History Channel or something. These type of games could have inspired the early forms of paintball ie “capture the flag” ect..I was never a fan of the “Farmer marking his cows”, as the birth of paintball.


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