19 thoughts on “Defaced POS”

  1. I realey wish that hacker can hack the french canadian thief Gatatan Dupont forumsimage2001 or destroy all data from that or her frends forums when they dont respect others(my)copyright.

    Yes it is funny but not fore that there get the hacker atack me an my frends have latest year lot of hacker atack there destoy the mailserver forums etc it was not funny to day i have close the all, tree month white hacker atack was enuch.

    • it’s sad what ethanol and thc can do to people’s minds…

      anyway, most admins (me too) are in constant fear of hack attacks defacements. fortunately there are still a lot of hackers who do defacements for fun and don’t destroy anything. you might even get free help in securing your server. it’s rare though.

    • Yes russian hacker are certainly known to be the best. Regarding the “minds” – there is absolutely no doubts! However, its a great tragedy for russian that these great minds are not being treasured by the Russian government. No wonder most of them seem to end up in America.

  2. Now you know, a box is just a box until you use your IMAGINATION…



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