16 thoughts on “Articles Made of Penknifes”

  1. The guy who made all this should have been pretty bored.

    What surprises me is that all the stuff is strictly along the official propaganda cliché lines.

    • if you read the titles under some of the pieces, three things become clear:

      1. there are more than one guy making these, possibly some society of pen-knife enthusiasts
      2. there are dates on the lables, spanning 1929-1950s, but it’s unclear of those are the dates of the pieces being made, or the dates of birth of the guys making the sculptures
      3. if those dates are indeed when the sculptures were made, the propaganda themes make sense – you have to understand the mentality of the Soviet people, especially between the wars and right after it.

      i’d also speculate the pieces were made by GULAG prisoners as something to occupy their time – and the sheer availability of knives (122 for one of them, i believe) makes total sense then…

      • Ah. OK. Missed some.

        I would disagree about GULAG prisoners though. I do not think they had any pen knifes, especially in these quantities. In some cases they did not have even spoons to eat with.

        “Pen-knife enthusiast” sounds cool to me! 🙂 Maybe those are death dates of over-enthusiastic club members? 🙂

  2. Ohhh! Stop talkin` about mf gulag.
    ” – Whatcha know about Russia?
    – Ooo! I know very much about it! Vodka, spasibo, matreshka, babushka, poshol na huy! Here is it!”


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