The Youngest Russian Mother

youngest Russian mother or mom 1

This is the youngest Russian mother. She got pregnant at the age of 11 and soon the child was born. Her boyfriend’s name is Habib he is from Tajikistan, he was also very young when this happened, now he works as a construction worker. They are not married because in Russia you can’t marry at eleven. Habib visits his girlfriend and a kid on the regular basis and they think that they would marry as soon as it would be legally possible.

On these photos she is already 14 and the child, the girl, is already 3 years old. There is a video too.

youngest Russian mother or mom 2

youngest Russian mother or mom 3

youngest Russian mother or mom 4

The video:

via Komsomolskaia Pravda

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  1. This is sick! Why wasn’t someone watching those kids? My parents never let me play with girls unsupervised. They should have known by the way that we were all playing with dolls that I wasn’t any danger to the little girls, but still.

    • You need to be supervised because you’re a bunch of pervs, ready to rape any innocent girl at sight, if you can do it without someone noticing.

      Otherwise, why such a supervison’s needed? Why you HAVE to be supervised? Okay a dad to care about her children, sure, but turning this in an obligation, an rule, seems to much for me.

      Lucky I’m not born in the USA. Paranoid people!

      BTW, the girl is cute and they seem to be a happy family. Best of luck for them.

  2. They are so young. But if their love is strong they will make it. The child looks healthy and happy. I wish them all the best.

    • He was 18? If he hadn’t have gotten her pregnant, I would have had him put away for statutory rape. There is no way that 11 would be the age of consent anywhere.

      • We, russians, do not like such “construction workers” from Tajikistan, because many of them are rapists and drug dealers. Almost all of them are illegal immigrants.

        • At the same time the ‘illegal immigrants’ [ BTW quite often recruited by the city council themselves – like Luzjkov, major of Moscow here ] are the only ones willing to do this work, since the Russians are all too busy exploiting their network to get a nice and quiet job in an office somewhere. Preferably as a civil servant. And when they succeed in that they dream of settling down in one of those ‘nice’ apartment buildings those so hated illegal immigrants build.

      • Here, here silly American, your dumb laws do not apply to Tajikistan and other nations where it is legal to screw any one of the opposite gender of any age. Such rape laws you talk of do not exist. Move to a Muslim nation and you can marry a six year old girl.

  3. Such young preganancy is nothing to be proud of. pretty damn shameful Id say. And his name cant be habib. Habibi is Arabic for lover. this blogger must have made a mistake or misunderstood, haha.

    • Naw, his parents knew that their son was going to be a stone-cold pimp so they named him Habib as a cautionary measure. It obviously didn’t work though. Their next child should be named Imgonna Nockupurdotter.

      • HAHAH! Catsimboy – hilarious comment! The first post here that is funny enough to make me laugh out loud.

        Back to the topic: the dude is a pedophile and should have psychiatric examination. But, since that won’t happen – all the best to them and their child – they actually do look happy!

    • Haha about yourself. Hi’s from Tajikistan. Her name is Valentina ISAeva ( Isa, You know, is not very russian name).
      And look at theirs faces – they are as Russians as I am Bob Dylan.
      By the way – there’s enough nations who sees nothing special about so young-age marriages. Gipsies, for example.

    • Stumbling across this ages later…

      Habib (or Habiba for a girl) actually is a name. It means ‘beloved’ … much like the name Amanda does. People do call their children words that mean ‘beloved’ all the time.

      And, FYI, Habibi would actually mean ‘my love’. The ‘i’ sound on the end makes it possessive. I think YOU must have misunderstood.

  4. she had baby when she was 11? Even that is 1 year to young for Igor.
    I even have a better house then them, Nuclear wastes business pays well In Russia now.

  5. lets see : i am Serbian / Belorussian / Karelian / Russian; yes i am of different color and i don’t colonize other people countries; so yes – i am better;

  6. Why she defined as “Russian girl”? It’s Nazism!

    Well, let ‘immigrant to Russia’ = ‘Russian’ (so we suppose it is Russian tradition to screw up 11 y.o. girls). OK.

    But… Why Аmerican media write about ‘Russian mafia in New York’? These people emigrate to America, so it is an American mafia! It’s not our problem!

    Oh, and of course – it’s not IRA set up bombs in the London! There is no any Irish! Еverybody who live in UK are Englishman! And did you hear – Englishman eats people! Yes, it was tribe of black Englishman in British Giana!

    No, no. We must be politically correct! There is no difference between savage Tajik and savage Russians, but savage Korean is not considered an American – look:

      • Tell it to the marines!

        If there is no difference between Tajik and Russian for you then there is no difference between Irish and English for me.

        English played on bagpipe and eat people.

        • Irish and English are stemming from 2 different tribes. Historically proven.

          Slavic Russians are a melting pot – no specific tribe. Historically proven. Tadzjik might very well be one of the tribes in that melting pot. So the arrogance of the ‘superior’ Russians might not be in place.

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – focus on who you are as an individual instead of focusing on your nationality. It is not an accomplishment to be a Russian. It just happened to you. Nothing to be proud of.

          • Actually the term Nazi stems from a contraction of the German for National Socialist, it has nothing to do racism or Anti-Semitism. Also don’t confuse ignorance for racism most people don’t know what they don’t live, they have no idea what the difference between Tajik and Russian is, as far as they are concerned if you live in Russia you are Russian

  7. oh brother…why don’t you people get a life…this all only started because of the blurb on Russia’s youngest mother. Now you’re all bickering back and forth and spewing out childish racist and predujice filth at each other and knocking on people’s nationality. why don’t you all grow up…? sheesh.

  8. Russian girls love Muslim men so very much. Russian girls come to Sharm El-Shiekh, Egypt to sleep with dark handsome Muslim men with big tools who give those girls the best sex of their lives. All my friends have fun with Russian girls each summer. The girls are not prostitutes; they are just young girls who want to have fun. They must not like the pale white Russian Christian men with little tools (due to the cold weather, I am sure) that do not do much for women. I think that is why they like local Muslim men: Tajik, Kazak, Uzbek and Tatar.

    Russian men should not get married to a Russian woman because once they have been with a Muslim man, they will not be happy again. Muslims are having many children with Muslim and Christian women while Russian men are not reproducing much. Russian will be a Muslim country in thirty years.

  9. Before I comment LOL on the Antispam math answer. Anyone who cannot add two 1 digit numbers are not qualified to even think!

    About the 11 year old girl. I am from the USA and in my country the boy would be arrested of statutory rape REGARDLESS if he desires to marry her or raise the kid. After he gets out he will be stuck with child support. I guess Russia has different laws and customs for dealing with this situation and we should respect that. Some countries do have child marraiges. We use to in the “old days” allowed children to marry at 12 years of age. The infamous McMartin trial of the 1980’s made us hysterical of even the slightest hint of child abuse. Since then the min marrying age has risen to 17, 16 in some states (a couple might be lower).

    The girl seems to have a loving family and as long as the boy (now a MAN) steps up to the plate and provide for the both of them then no harm in the long run is done. The little girl seems to be very healthy and happy.

  10. They did a mistake by having a child too young, but at least the guy stayed on with her, got himself a job, and became a father to the little girl unlike SOME cowards. It’s evident that despite their young age the couple loves their daughter dearly. What has been done has been done, what matters now is how you move on. I’m surprised a lot of the comments here are so negative about them.

    • Those kids are certainly more mature than many commenters here. Why are some people so negative by the way ?

      I find this story beautiful and I’m happy for this couple : they love each other, they chose to raise a baby despite the difficulties and they seem to take it responsibly. Grand’ma must be proud of her granddaughter.

  11. hm.. on the pics they smile.. girlfriend,boyfriend and granma. kid looks good. looks like they didnt get scared of what people would say and acted responsibly

  12. wherz her boyfriend ?…is that ,where the little gal is sitting on his laps… lolz first i thought thatz some female..
    wat she find so good in that person which even do not look like a male lolz… anyone can fool girls really proven again lmao

  13. You can say what you like about this young family but I bet that little girl will grow up to be happy and healthy. A lot better than lots of young children in the US who grow up in meth labs etc.

  14. When you leave boy & girl alons its a chances to happend this its not unsual its a responsibility of parents elders to keep & eye on their children, but matter of fact she is really damn HOT ! she looks like a complete girl so how can it possible that a man who have a chance will loose it. she is real beauty.

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  16. if this was the result of an Islamic marriage, the world would be shouting for justice and calling it a rape case and calling Islam a savage religion. FORNICATION IS GOOD BUT MARRIAGE IS BAD.

  17. It’s accepted in Islamic culture where when girl reach puberty, the girl is expected to bear a child. That’s why court trade prison time for child support due to Islamic culture forgive men who support wife and children. Islam is reglion of Satan!

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