Russian Beer Vs. Swedish Car

beer bottle in the car frontal 1

Nobody knows how did this happen, there was neither sounds of the broken glass nor of the signalling system, but the next morning the driver has found his car with an empty beer bottle in the frontal.

beer bottle in the car frontal 2

beer bottle in the car frontal 3

beer bottle in the car frontal 4

submitted by Tatiana

46 thoughts on “Russian Beer Vs. Swedish Car”

  1. That’s a cut bottle and wax… obvious fake

    good luck putting a bottle through a windshield like that… even rock chips have spread cracks

  2. yea, looks like one of those decals that make it look like something broke/stuck in the window. maybe a little photoshop on top of it to impress people on ‘the internets’

  3. This is such BS. I don’t buy it for a second. Something else was in that windshield and was replaced by a beer bottle, plain and simple.

  4. im thinking its gotta be some glue. Why would there be stuff on the outside of the window.

    The guy hit something, broke the windshield, and before replacing it decided to have a little fun.

  5. No shots from the inside, bottle is conveniently located in the tinted strip at the top of the windshield (so you can’t see inside), and bottle is angled away from the windshield so as to be obscured from the inside by the rear-view mirror (for safety?)…it smells of a fake.

    However, the fracture lines in the windshield appear to be legitimate, so I’m guessing something knocked a hole in the windshield (perhaps an accident with the rear-view mirror?) and the beer bottle was jammed into the hole as a joke.


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