35 thoughts on “Latest Submitted Photos”

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  2. This blog contains a FakeWarning trojan, it automatically runs when I view this page. Someone is screwing around with your dbase.

  3. I think you should know that moscow has a really interesting gay life. Abundance and luxury at one end, and exactly the oposite at the other hand.

  4. uhhhh, yeah first of all there’s no such thing as “new-york” its new york, but you’re from here so you knew that already!!

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  6. It’s been a few years since I was there but, Unkldave sez, “I like Russia, and I really like Russian girls!”

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  8. I lived in Russia for awhile…I can identify most of the pictures. Some just need captions…The pix of the photographer taking a picture of the wedding couple…what is significant is they are posed in front of Lenin’s tomb…it is a custom in Moscow to visit Lenin’s tomb in Red Square on your wedding day. On a Saturday you will commonly see several couples there at once. Though some pix may be photoshopped…significant pieces had to be taken in Russia…Russian manufactured cars, goods, cyrillic alphabets, Russian landmarks, Russian fashion…one thing some people on this website are showing their ignorance. Homosexuality is very poorly tolerated in Russia and in times and places has been illegal…not a good place to “be out”.

  9. The YKK was originally a park with pavilions of the various Soviet states…today the pavilions are used as stores and their are many shops set up in kiosks. Great shopping.

  10. Poor kid in the cheburashka suit he looks
    Like he sweating his ass off. Hay where is korokodil gena and the old lady with the pet rat, they can’t be far off 🙂

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