And One More Time..

car touches train in Russia 1

And if to continue today the story about the strange crashes – this guy on Lada failed to pass by the standing train and touched it with the car’s left side. It was not some moving train, this railroad is very rarely used these days – you can tell this from those green plants growing between the rails, and there was plenty of space in front of the train but he preferred not to notice it.

car touches train in Russia 2

car touches train in Russia 3

car touches train in Russia 4


12 thoughts on “And One More Time..”

  1. Bears. I blame bears and their lust for hot pic_a_nic baskets.
    Fox News is also to blame.

  2. locomotive must have been moving! why is it parked on a level crossing blocking the road? a hole has been punched in the side of the car!


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