iBBQ: Russian Macintosh Barbeque Sets

Macintosh finder icon on Russian barbeque set 1

Many people, who use Macintosh computers know the icon above. This icon is from the “Finder” application (similar to Windows explorer program). You can see it on the desktop of our reader.

But what they do in Russia they sell barbeque sets with a little shovel in shape of the Finder icon. Macintosh computers are not very popular in Russia, so they can’t appeal for the fans of iMac iPhone and now iBarbeque stuff, but what is it then?

See photos of this set:

Macintosh finder icon on Russian barbeque set 1

Macintosh finder icon on Russian barbeque set 2

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  1. OSX is one of the most terrible OSs ever made. Linux is much better:

    • I have gotten used to both OSX, XP, and Vista; all of them had numerous disadvantages. I feel handicapped when using a OS made for consumers-everything takes longer to do, too simplified, etc. You can’t tweak any system files or recompile the kernel. Everything is based on a GUI while I’m used to having a GUI with terminal programs open-sure it takes a while to memorize a couple pages of commands for each program (IRC chat/text editor/torrent client), but it’s much quicker to type the command in and include arguments than to navigate a bloated and messy GUI maze.

    • OSX is probably the best operating system available. For consumers and non-IT people.

      When working with the Apple, you simply do not notice the OS – you can concentrate on your work. No need for tweaking anything, unless it’s your hobby to do so. It works. Plug in a printer – you can use it straight away. No drivers installing necessary.
      Linux is fun for the hobbyists.
      Windows Vista is a poor rip-off of the older OSX version.
      Plus it is huge [15 GB I believe – OSX is only 1.9 GB].

      Next month the latest Apple OSX will be released – very interesting new features like the time-machine. Nothing will ever get lost again, like when your computer crashes due to a power failure i.e. while you’re in the middle of working on a file.

      • OSX has a beautiful interface. It is definitely better than KDE or Gnome.

        I will have to disagree with you about Linux being for hobbyist. I have read that numerous times and it just isn’t true. Look at companies like HP, Sun, Oracle, and IBM. They all have huge amounts of interest in Linux. Why? Because corporations are tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money on archaic operating systems and hardware. And if it is only for hobbyist why is Microsoft so threatened by it they have to say that there are patent infringements? If the truth be told I am sure Microsoft is infringing on a several patents too. That is just the way it is.

        I have been using Linux since 1997 and it has come a long way. I use it daily. The fact that KDE and Gnome aren’t as polished as OSX has nothing to do with Linux. Linux is only a kernel.

        • >OSX has a beautiful interface. It is definitely better than KDE or Gnome.

          Uhh…Are you serious? You know you can install compiz-fusion and compile plug-ins for it? Some people make their desktop look like Apple’s GUI, but the other effects are much better than the minimalistic Apple interface.

          • I tried Beryl one time but my video card is too wimpy to handle it. Maybe one day. I spend most of my time in a terminal session, so it isn’t a big deal.

      • “Linux is fun for the hobbyists.”

        Linux runs the internet, I’m in a room with many linux servers that say so. Hobbyists? WTF dude, if the world ran on windows, we’d already all be dead. You’ll never see windows, or a Mac for that matter, running a hydroelectric power plant. You won’t find them controlling a train switch, you won’t find these OS’s anywhere near anything thats’ considered mission critical. OSX isn’t so bad, although I’m not so confortable with it. Also, on principle, I dislike Apple because of the 1 button mouse and their fiercly proprietary history and plus, Steve Jobs and his followers seem so god-damned self absorbed, and also, I suspect most Mac users are just trying to look pretty with their Macs. and really doing nothing but staring at myspace or something useless.

        • You can run a regular right-click mouse on Apple nowadays. That’s what I use, and it works just the same as on a PC. You get the menu and everything. I’m not a big fan of the way the iPad is proprietary, you can’t use any non-approved app, but with the regular computers it’s not so.

          I don’t get this big Apple hate, and hate of users. What’s the point? For that matter, PC hate is just as useless. Pick the one you like, and use it. I have Apples, they work great for me. Whenever I use a PC, that’s OK, too. 🙂

      • You guys are actually underlining my comment perfectly.

        ‘For consumers and non-IT-people’ I stated.

        Linux is excellent for servers etc. – but consumers don’t use servers. Linux can be tweaked to eternity – but in general consumers don’t tweak their PCs if they can avoid it – they want to work with it, even if it’s only used for starting up MySpace.

        Thats why Windows is hated so much now.

        The number of computer users has grown immensely since the early days, and most of those users do not wish to tweak their computers/OS – they simply want to use it for whatever. They don’t want to be bothered with drivers-to-be-installed, new-hardware-detected-or-missing, fatal-errors, rebooting the PC, etc etc.

        Part of the early Windows success [computers then being used mainly by hobbyists] was the endless tweaking you HAD to do – resulting in a tight relationship with your computer, you got hooked on it because it more or less represented the work of your hands. I remember the old DOS days – lots of fun. Same now with the general Linux OS: hobbyists like to tweak plus with Linux they can even develop their own little additions. Fun !

        On a side note – the virus problems. For MacOSX there are no known viruses yet, apart from malicious WORD-macros. Will probably change in the future. For Linux they are starting to appear as the OS becomes more common and popular, also due to the open-source politics which make developing viruses easy. Windows is a nightmare as everybody knows.

  2. Uh Boris, you *do* realize that OSX has terminals right? You can pretend it’s Linux if you really want to.

    Anyway this icon isn’t from OSX, it’s an old icon from OS9 and before.

    • Yes and no about the icon being from older OS’s. True, it started before OSX, but it’s still used today in OSX.

      I’m just glad they got rid of the frowny face matching icon; I was always afraid of getting the frowny face, meaning my computer is screwed!

  3. ‘Super Russian Minerals’, I see that it has my website advertisement on there, most of the minerals are toxic and nuclear wastes.

  4. I much rather OSX than any of that windows bolleeeerks.. what is this outer-shop bbq pic stuff? Wouldnt they let you inside the shop or something lol


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