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      • But glass fiber is so light and have very low resistant to extreme weather conditions.in my opinion,these weired domes were constructed by pre cast RCC segments.may be these domes were storage tanks of ICBMS fuel?????Because soviets were highly capable in liquid fuel engineering.

  1. It’s a bloody radar dome. The radioactive sign appears on all radar enclosures , since radar radiates microwaves which can fry you very fast.

  2. We in the US invented a technique to help people think better I think you should copy it right now.

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  3. This is not wood, really. It is honeycombed with fabric texture. Probably, a fiber reinforced material, maybe fiberglass, phenolic resin or other composite. It looks like wood and may contain some wood within its composite makeup. These look like modular shells, pre-molded and assembled on site. While this type of construction is popular for aerospace and nautical purposes, considering its high strength to weight ratios, it is highly unlikely that it could be assembled in this fashion and contain fluids without leaking. So, fuel or other fluid storage seems out of the question. The radar/surveillance sphere seems possible. Perhaps, it is a deployment of an architectural/structural prototype. Lightness, modularity, self-similarity are all characteristics of modern mass-customized architectural systems and would be particularly well-suited to this sort of remote installation.

    Considering the intelligence issues and so forth, I would like to hear more about where this is and how the person who submitted it gained access to it. The cold war seems to be ostensibly over but still on the backburner due to Bush’s ability to make the whole world feel unstable.

    Watch Tarkovsky’s film, The Stalker, and see how impossible it would be to just walk into a “Zone” (as referred to in the movie) such as this during the height of the cold war. This must be a site very distant and remote from any Metropolis and, I am guessing, it must have taken a great deal of effort to get there…

  4. It looks like a radar or microwave radome to me.

    It may have been pre-positioned for some future system that never got built. ( God knows there is that kind of junk all over the US if you look for it)

  5. What seems weird to me and stands out is the hole at the top with what looks like a carefully aligned second circle. This looks very carefully placed… I would guess is more for something metaphysical… very cool though =)

  6. I have to agree with the sentiment that it’s not a smart idea to poke around something that has the nuke symbol on it.

    The problem is that it could have been a large container for unknown dangerous chemicals and their could be residue left. Russia is not as careful with there waste as the west is.

  7. I have to agree with the sentiment that it’s not a smart idea to poke around something that has the nuke symbol on it.

    The problem is that it could have been a large container for unknown dangerous chemicals and there could be residue left. Russia is not as careful with there waste as the west is.

  8. Not really a real radioactive sign is it. Note the graffiti, kids play here and the rad sign on the inside is another spray can special. Check the grease drips on the keyhole shape. There also seems to be a track that has been used quite abit leading to it, check the mud tracks.

    • Seriously,if you have some kind of Geiger counter,please activate him in your home and around your workplace.you will found lot of tic tic tic.we are live in highly radioactive enviroment,no one can distance from it.

  9. These pictures just go to prove that men will go poking around in anything with a hole in it, even if it is possibly dangerous and labeled with a radioactive warning sign.

  10. it,s a radar dome.used to sheild and protect electronics,radar scan….fixed or rotating assembles…by attenuating unwanted signals you are not trained on to listen to. from the size of the ball i imagine the radar emitted a very strong transmitt signal….being too close can be extremly harmful…sterilize you.therefore radioactive sign…..case solved.

    • yeah that’s what i was going to say as well, spot on! I think it’s neat they built it from wood, they use foam and plastic here in the states

    • I agree that must be some old radar dome that would explain the radioactive signs on it. the government probably found it the cheapest way by dumping it in the woods.

  11. I am Another Person from San Diego! I know what is it! This is a movie trash. They were shooting a movie here. It is called KIN DZA DZA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kin-dza-dza!. The best thing guys you could possibly watch. It was made in 1980’s and has deep meaning to it. It is in Russian of course. But the actors don’t talk to much. I personally love this movie, when I am stoned. I watched it about 15 times, and every time I do that, it brings me more clues. It is a very philosophical movie. Makes you think a lot. I love it! Ok, back to the Sphere. My uncle was in that movie, and he told me that they were supposed to use it as a space building, but they never did. You know it is Russia guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. ok so if this thing was real we could see it on google earth could someone send me the coordinats for where i might fnd it on google earth they were conveinently taken out of the screen pic of google earth

  13. It is a radar radome, Made of honeycomb fiberglass or something. Looks just like the one I work on. Radiation sign is for RF energy from the transmitte and antenna that used to be inside.

  14. Here’s one in Valley Ranch. The building that is nearby has nothing to do with it. In fact, I don’t think it is there anymore. The are another one in Arlington (about 25 minutes away).


  15. I agree it’s a radar dome.

    BTW. the radioactive sign is probably graffiti: it’s small, unofficial looking (wrong color), has no label and nowhere near something relevant. Furthermore a radioactive sign is only intended for ionizing radiation or particle emission, it would be just wrong (same applies to the US!).radar installations use microwaves, these are non-ionizing electromagnetic waves (but dangerous nevertheless).

    Functional model: http://www.dreamstime.com/radardome-wide-image579374

    The top antenna sticks through the centered ring, isolated from the dome to avoid any nasty charging effects…

  16. Love the chemtrails in the sky of all pictures….breath deep everyone……mmmmmmm……gotta love the industrial military government! http://www.infowars.com

  17. Hi guys my name is Mishon Tuknov or Mikhail Tuknov (SEO specialist) I am also from San Diego and to comment on that movie ITS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I agree with the poster above that movie KINDZAZAZAA is great also. I like all these types of weird movies especially when I am on extasy. My favorite actor is Jean Claude Van Damme I think he is god.

  18. and the point of that comment was to make your distaste of people who comment pointlessly known?
    (yes I am aware of the hypocracy of this comment as well)

  19. I stumbled upon this thing today by accident while looking for something unrelated on Google Maps. I knew I had seen it before on English Russia, but couldn’t find it until later. Accidentally found this page while looking at another unrelated page. Funny how the trail leads back some times.

    The image of Google Maps above is not linked and the coords are redacted. Here’s a real link to the location.


    It’s near the village of Ignatovo. A little bit north of Dubna, the location of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research. There’s a cool particle accelerator there(also profiled on ER).

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