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  1. Pic 4 is a picture of junior officer school students knowns as “Suvorovtsi”. It is a specialized military school that prepares future Russian Army officers. This is not a Polish Army and they have not relations to American KKK clan.

    • So why those russian soldiers wear polish uniforms and boots? I thought, WZ93 pattern and “desanty” boots were never used by non-polish troops.

      • Dale and you talk about not the same picture.

        At 4-th picture (indexed as “3”) there are Russian junior officer school students.
        At 5-th picture (indexed as “4”) there are soldier at the same uniforms as in Polish Army. I think the uniforms are not characteristic. Maybe the same unifroms are in Russian Army.

        More uniqe picture of Polish soldier uniforms were on site “Anti-Aircraft Missile Launching Site”


        • I wasn’t talking about these kids. Uniforms are unique and if those guys are russians, they are probably spies and must have stolen them. There is one picture of russian cammo at the bottom:


          No polish cammuflage at url you gave. Why do you think, anyone in russian site near Ural would wear polish army clothes?

  2. ‘weird car’ is a standard Russian battlefield ambulance. It can almost lay down to the ground and both driver and patient can lay while drive. Thus the total height of the car can be only a bit bigger than the diameter of wheels; it is designed to be very bad target.

  3. The people sleeping on construction site is common due to the fumes from toxic watse makes peopel sleep, I have many carshes drivoing my truck because of this

    • What kind of toxic waste?is that carbon monoxide?or you may try to tell us in Russia,every where nuclear radioactive waste is spilled and no one has to escape from that………….seriously,i diagnose your sleeping illness.cut the half of your RDI(ROUTINE DAILY INTAKE)of Vodka! ! ! ! ! ! ! !you will be more attentive to your work and sleeping……

  4. The authors of this website show REALITY while russian goverment has always shown LIES to other contries and to its own population. Remember iron curtain?

    This site is the other end of scales and it weighs the opinion about Russia into the right side 😉

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