Chernobyl Yesterday and Today: The Video

Chernobyl video

This is an amateur video of Chernobyl area today and before and during the nuclear disaster 20 years ago. We’ve had a few sets of contemporary Chernobyl like this and this but this is the first video.

Also see the strange wild animals at the end of the video – they look like horses but disproportionately big heads, looking like big-sized ponies, are they also the victims of radiation?

See the video:

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  1. The horses are a type of wild horse, Przewalski’s Horse, that were released in the Chernobyl area after the accident. They have large heads and thick necks naturally, not because of radiation.

  2. If you want to see the true horror from Chernobyl see if you can find a documentary called “Chernobyl Heart”

    It seems to be one of those documentaries that people cry about but doesn’t cause any real change, but it does let you get a feel for the conditions there.

    WARNING: It may give you nightmares.

  3. Writings throughout the video:

    1. On the first house: “In this house lives its owner”
    2. Second house: “Forgive me, my good home[or house]”
    3. After the helicopter crash: A memorial to the victims of the crash, 1986.

  4. The horse are naturally like this I think the french equivalent is percheron, strong labor horses.

    Scientifics have noticed, that animal presenting mutation because of radiation, do not breed… therefore, there is no new mutant race overlord or whatesoever. There is just a lot of overtime for Darwin. Meanwhile those that survive and breed must be some really tought mofo…

  5. Everyone knows that radiation only kills in high dozes and over some time. Many jumps to radiation-based mutation etc. without excluding other reasons.

  6. The horses were introduced after the incident. They are a very sturdy Asian breed, that seems to be doing well in the Zone. There are three herds of them now.

  7. Did the helicopter hit a giant horse’s head and crash into the reactor spilling radiation out and killing the pilot before he actually hit the ground at high speed. or maybe the guy in the foreground of the helicopter shot is the pilot and the helicopter crashed cos the pilot was on the ground flying it via radiation control.

    • No, the helicopter crashed after you posted your comment, because your sense of logic caused the pilot to lose consciousness!

  8. Clubbed to death is overplayed has been passée for the last couple of years. I was turned off instantly by the use of this and the budget fades.

    If you have the time and the intelligence I would recommend the photo journels of ‘Filatova Elena Vladimirovn’ AKA ‘Gamma Girl’, AKA ‘Kidd of Speed’

    Oli ‘the jenks’


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