Feminine Symbol of the USSR

feminine symbol of the USSR 1

We’ve already told about Soviet contraceptive devices. Now we can say, that there was indeed something that could be called a real feminine symbol of the USSR. Those images of a woman with a paddle in one hand were standing in many cities and towns throughout the whole Soviet Union.

feminine symbol of the USSR 2

feminine symbol of the USSR 3

feminine symbol of the USSR 4

photos: by Pavel, museum.ru, ec-dejavu.ru

29 thoughts on “Feminine Symbol of the USSR”

  1. Hmmmm What does that statue have to do with birthcontrol? I think the author has poor taste in the female form. Of course the author could prefer a concentration camp chic bag of bones but then that’s all the rage nowadays whereas then I doubt it was.

  2. You are all wrong. She has not to do with sex but with soup. In Amerika glorious capitalist system gives great muchness of soup and need strong woman with long paddle to stir it so does not clot in big pot like in bottom picture. Also Amerikans afraid of large woman like this so do not need “product #2” so much.

    • Actually, I love women like that! brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it! I would like to know, really, what IS the meaning behind the statues?

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