14 thoughts on “What Russian Autumn Is Really About?”

  1. sorry, most of teh nuclear accidents you speak of were caused by me and my truck driving buddy’s.

    This was photosynthesized shopped. I’d just say that so Pros or anyone else has to.

    Nah my big Toxic Waste truck can get thru all these floods, this is god thing so I can bring all the kids Toxic wastes to there schools and playgrounds for dumping.

  2. The backs of the cars are floating, because that’s where the gas tanks are. As in Russian tradition, the gas tanks are always kept empty.

    • You mean it isn’t because they have fully-floating rear axles? That would have been my first guess. ;^D

      Best regards.

  3. First, notice that photos are from the spot, SAME side street, not even the main street. Second, it happened, while cars were parked–they didn’t drive into it. It is quite unusual, such a heavy rain.

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