23 thoughts on “Weird Lunchroom”

  1. When driving Nuclear waste across the Russian Federation, I always stops at these places for a Vodka, or a sleep. But I usually only sleep once every 3 days. The pills, vodka, and toxic fuels keep me up and alert.

    • Igor likes eating Mc Donald’s. Mc Donalds in Siberia is on fold up tables on the side of the road.

      When I went to sydney for a Nuclear waste convention I was suprsied not to see many Children with 3 ears and toes on there arm and more toxic waste trucks driving around with kangroos with 5 tails. Your children in Sydney are not recivies the correct amount of Nuclear in there Diets.

      Russian MacDonald’s use nuclear waste in there food for children’s healthy green glow.

    • I guess that is not a Menu. Seems that the first word is “Пожалуйста” (please). I can’t decipher the rest.
      Maybe it just says “Please do not pee in the corner”.

  2. The evil Moldovan government has mobilised their police and military to steal all of the ‘Sheriff’ wine. But don’t worry, Russia will fight off the oppressors.

  3. It says


    on the sign!

    Hooray for me and my ability to read cyrillic!

    Unfortunately, i have no idea what it means!

  4. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Just an average Russian board meeting room. I bet Putin’s looks quite similar [maybe with a little fluffy rug added and a typewriter].

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