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    • I think it’s hard to compare (if it’s possible for the first place) but what I think is worth to mention is that Soviet kids grew with “SoyuzMultFilm” animated movies that were rather creative. I may be wrong and I intend no hurt to anyone feelings but I do not remember any american cartoons (except maybe some very old ones like “Bamby”) that were so cheerful or heartful and creative as soviets ones.

      Mitten (with English subtitles). Варежка
      [One of my favorites animated movies]

      Жил был пес (English subtitles)

      For no particular reason (with English subtitles).Просто так

      There were hundreds and hundreds more and you can find them here http://multiki.arjlover.net/multiki/
      but they are all in Russian

  1. Don’t blame him. My creative side came out pretty much the same, but a bit more vulgar during my physics lessons. Sorry, Prof. Eduard Mikhailovich…… 🙁

  2. Классика жанра, у нас каждый третий учебник в школе был разрисован такими картинками. Ребята!! Вам русских не понять!!
    It’s a representative example. In our school every third textbook was draw same pictures. Russian ))))

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  7. “He has modified some illustrations so now it’s hard to say sometimes what was there originally and what has appeared as a result of his imagination:” don’t compromite yourself wear glasses if you dont see where he draw somthing to orginal image,

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