Roadside Ghost

ghost standing on the side of the road in Russia 1

Two Russian guys were driving their car and the one who sat on the passenger seat was filming a road just for fun. Later when he was watching this video clip on his PC at home he spotted a strange figure standing on the roadside. They didn’t see it when they were passing by but only a few days later when watched this video. Here you can see the screen shots of it and a few seconds of video itself:

ghost standing on the side of the road in Russia 2

ghost standing on the side of the road in Russia 3

ghost standing on the side of the road in Russia 4

And the video, look at the right roadside, near the video comes to end this something is coming best visible:

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  1. Pickles ran away again.



    Don’t hit me, I’ll be good!

    What? I dont have a problem. You have the problem.

    I can stop whenever i want.

  2. У страха глаза велики! народная мудрость, однако…
    По мне так это воообще какой-то столб в тумане…

  3. Is superstition part of the (velikaya) Russkaya dusha? The number of UFO’s and other ‘strange unexplainable things’ found in Russia sure puts the US in the shade. But everything is remarkable if you believe in it.

    • I think it’s because bogey man scary stuff is all made up and fakey.

    • You just can’t hide the bad inside, huh, Pooty Poot/Eva? That’s okay, I like bad girls. Ask Condi.


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