Rat Attack

Rats attack Russian office 1

So from time to time different office fun photos appears. But this is something special made by Russian guys with the help of many soft rats. At first a scout troop of rats appeared as you can see on the photo above. Look down to see what happened next:

Rats attack Russian office 2

Rats attack Russian office 3

Rats attack Russian office 4

Rats attack Russian office 5

Rats attack Russian office 6

Rats attack Russian office 7

Rats attack Russian office 8

Rats attack Russian office 9

Rats attack Russian office 10

Rats attack Russian office 11

Rats attack Russian office 12

Rats attack Russian office 13

Rats attack Russian office 14

Rats attack Russian office 15

Rats attack Russian office 16

Rats attack Russian office 17

It somehow correlates with that “Old Lady Who Has 130 Cats” post we had some time ago. Her cats could be of some use today.

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    • I once did a project on estonian culture.
      funky dresses and lots of jellied meat.
      Sauerkraut dishes learnt from nazis and that was pretty much it.
      When it comes to jews…
      be nice.

      • Estonia has some fine beer, good architecture, and stunning countryside.

        Centuries of on-and-off foreign occupation has a tendency to destroy your national culture, unfortunately, and that’s what Estonia has suffered.

        But if Estonians really want to try acting like Nazis these days, they’ll probably find they’re in for a bit more foreign domination until they start to behave better. But that’s not likely to happen now they’re in the EU. Something for any racist/fascist scumbags anywhere in the EU to bear in mind: you won’t be allowed to get away with it. We know all about you.

        • Estonians aren’t acting like nazis. It’s just that in russia, everyone who is thought to be against russians, is considered fascistic.

          So, estonia was invaded by germany and russia in ww2 and a few months ago they tried to reclaim some of the national culture by relocating the soviet war memorial. I admit, this kind of action can be understood as disrespect to russians, but it had nothing to do with fascism like it’s falsely claimed.

          • Do you really think its about this facking statue? Its about revival of Nazism in forms of Racism, anti-Semitism (as we can cleary from the comments of this Nazi estonian), xenophobia, treatment of ethnic minorities, etc. Why is it so difficult for estonians to admit the faults of their county and do something to improve on them?

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      I condemn both the content of the post and the action of the individual who did this!

      / By the way – I am not even Estonian /
      / By the by the way – Estonia is a nice country and has nothing in common with the wild accusations presented by some here /

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  1. Maybe. I wonder if those toys China sold the Taliban had lead in them?


  2. You can buy those rats very cheap in IKEA, I have a measly 10 or so myself…

    I bought them in IKEA Moscow, but I have heard they have IKEA in other places as well ;o)

  3. isimply luv the rrrrratatk i feel like being invaded by russian genius . great intallation just enough lovely cuddly crowd artist absolutely fabulous domestic invasion of the rats.great.


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