7 thoughts on “The Road Punishment”

  1. Not a land of the law, but a land of anarchy.

    If Russians were just a tid bit more uncivilized, they would be walking on all 4’s and spitting at each other.

    • Who said Russia was a dictatorship? Stalin in 1937 was a dictator. Putin is a wannabe. He didn’t resolve any of the real issues in society that he wants to control, like official corruption.

  2. theyre just crude. really really crude. Yes there are artists and yes some have money, but for the major part, theyre just (still)Exceedingly crude.

    Give em 50 yrs give or take.

    hopefully by then the soviet scientist will have stolen the plans for the smile and russians will start looking happy instead of drunk.

    But in this case, i hate double parkers so he got what was coming.


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