17 thoughts on “The Fastest Way to Date”

  1. What was the point of this? Why is she looking for a date, because she dresses in 70’s fashion? And why is she worth marrying – because you only have to buy her clothes every 40 years? And what two fastest senses are you talking about? Rubbish.

  2. Igor used to Drive a bus In Moscow, But once you kill more then 500 passengers you get fired 🙁
    But now It dosnt matter how many times I crash toxic waste truck, i never get fired.

  3. I think that woman already married, because she have a ring on her middle finger (look at second photo). In Russia married couples wears their wedding rings on these fingers.

    I don’t actually understand what author of this topic wants to tell… This is ordinary woman-bus driver, and I think there is nothing strange that she is wears an unpresentable wear at her work.


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