Audi R8 Crash in Moscow

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 1

Lately there has been reported about some strange series of accidents with the ultimate R8 Audi car. It was not in Russia but in some other West European countries, the newest and limited edition R8 was burned down in matters of a few seconds, even it’s light metal body was melted and nobody knows the reason for those accidents. In Moscow these days we also have one Audi R8 less. But the reasons are not so mysterious as in Europe.

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 2

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 3

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 4

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 5

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 6

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 7

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 8

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 9

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 10

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 11

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 12

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 13

audi r8 crashed in Moscow 14

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  1. Russia is copying more than just technology from the United States.

    • How ’bout movies like Codename Nina, Ring, etc… or series like The Office and so forth?
      Could someone tell the philosophy behind these remakes (or copies, to be honest)?
      I’m not saying that they are raping or ruining the originals, but what’s the point of doing it again? Isn’t it possible to enjoy a film without the familiar Hollywood faces or what? I could try to understand a remake if it offers new views or wider plot or something else new to the original.

      • One reason for US remakes of non-US originals is that the people who decide what US viewers watch think that the majority of the US audience won’t like a show unless it’s American. After many decades of this policy, it has apparently become true. But it’s worse than that.

        I am told that many UK TV shows shown in the USA have to have subtitles, because many US viewers cannot understand even fairly standard UK English; US English is (obviously?) perfectly comprehensible to UK viewers.

        (In fairness, I should mention that there are dialects of English in the UK that are incomprehensible to many UK citizens, especially if the speaker is drunk and from Scotland or the NE of England)

      • I would love to see the Russian version of the Office. Can you give me some links?

        The origianl is hilarious, shame some americans don’t seem to get it 🙁

    • we actually did the European launch party for this car. We put one in our swimming pool on a platform. anyone wanting pics of this, show some enthusiasm and I will post them
      reply by mail as I am not here often

  2. Carbon fibre is produced by controlled oxidation of a synthetic polymer fibre. It’s quite hard to get carbon fibre to burn. If a carbon fibre composite material is made with a resin matrix that doesn’t burn readily, there will be no problem. Most resins used will burn, but they’re also generally quite good at maintaining strength up to a few hundred degrees celsius: the stuff isn’t all that easy to set fire to.

  3. There is something awfully wrong with the R8, they also lost to a fire the TDI prototype while testing on the nurburgring. I think bosh is again providing shoddy engine parts.

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