The “Dead Biker” Monument

russian monument for bikers in Ukraine 1

They have opened a monument in Ukraine devoted to all the bikers died in crashes all over the world since the motorbike was invented.

It could be a shrine for the bikers from different countries to come and put some flowers for passed away brothers.

russian monument for bikers in Ukraine 2

russian monument for bikers in Ukraine 3

russian monument for bikers in Ukraine 4

russian monument for bikers in Ukraine 5

russian monument for bikers in Ukraine 6

32 thoughts on “The “Dead Biker” Monument”

  1. Is it just me, or does the body and head of this guy look an awful lot like the body of peter the great on the huge statue in moscow?

  2. More countries should set up things like this. As a biker I would love to make that a destination, but I cannot afford to take my bike all the way over there…

  3. Well, if base your opinion of Russia on JUST what you saw on this site, then you must be a bit thick to say the least. LOL

    PS: Are you from Texas? 🙂

    That got to be the funniest comment I heard on this sight. Please stay 🙂

    • I don’t agree with Boris,the guy named V putin is lier and so poor in knowledge.he looked Russia from International space station.any country in world is not safe from corruption and illegal businesses.may be the graph is different but line is running upword.Soviet and Russian architecture is unique.the scientific and technological achievements of Russian people are great donation to the world.without these developments world may be another place to live.

    • Boris Abramov,

      I cannot say whether or not Putin is from Texas. I am from Texas, and I like the sculpture. I also think that many Ukrainians are clever, resourceful people. And, I appreciate that some Ukranians made the effort to create this memorial. Good people are where you find them, be it in Ukraine or Texas, or somewhere else.


  4. V. Putin; I agree, there is an endless supply of corruption within the government and big business all over Russia and CIS. However, that does not paint a bleek piture for all Russians. I have been to St. Petersburg a few times and observed first hand how much that city is prospering. I am not saying that Russia is St. Petersburg. Moscow is completely diffrent form SPB. Most of the people in SPB are hard working and high spirited. There is quite a bit of poverty though, it is hidden away in the back ally’s and run down neighborhoods away from the bright lights and polished Nevskiy Prospect side walks. The humbled people of Russia don’t have much choice but to accept the fate that their goverment has set for them. It will take several generations before the not so “good old Communist ways” are weeded out. They have suffered great loss and have sacraficed their lives for what they have. I admire most Russians for their strength and conviction. I do feel that the people of Russia need to take a stand and demand equal opertunity and not cower down in the dirt when “Big Brother” shows a fist.

    The entrapanural spirit is very high all over the country, esp. the large cities. Givin time and patience, Russia will become great once again.

    Anyway, V. Putin thanks for your comments, but not all Russians are alike. There is alot of opportunity for success, if only the government woulg raise their Ushankas form their eyes…

  5. IMHO, The only thing that saves the Russians from complete oblivion is they have hot women and they are good at engineering ( See all the home-made cars on here ).

    The Russians would do better if they didn’t drink so much and could take criticism without getting hot-headed. I was watching Russia Today and they had a segment on fire safety in Russia, as Russia has one of the highest death rates from fires in urban areas of any country. Totally non-controversial topic right? Everyone wants to improve fire safety, right! They went to a Moscow fire station to interview a fireman. They ask him: “What could be done to improve fire safety in Moscow?” He ducks the question and says that that’s a matter for his superiors. Guess he was worried that somebody somewhere would take his comments on fire safety the wrong way and want to do him harm.

    • I see this all the time in my country, USA. We set the standard for ducking and shirking responsiblities. We even sue each other for our own actions. Man we kick ass.

  6. Sad, but as “Moscow citizen” I can admit this guy is right about mass-lazyness, vodka, bad taste, 19th century economic and culture.

    And the sculpture idea is great – no wonder it isn’t in Russia (Ukraine is another country actually).

  7. I was wondering about that guy too. I thought he might be one of those crazy Sharmon’s that tried to cast the Nazi-ism out of Estonia.

  8. Related topic: famous Romanian rock’n’roll musician crashed in traffic by possible fault of an American soldier:

  9. I m not agree with Mr Putin

    “…bad taste of Arabs, the laziness of Africans….”

    What is that phrase?
    Please dont be ignorant…

  10. Just to let you guys know that as I am an english guy who is living here in the ukraine, the monument is a piece of art. I shall be going back soon and will show the club that I belong to these photos.
    Some of you guys must be bloody american because you just dont get the principle of what has tried to be created, typical bloody “spams”.
    The Ukraine at least has some of the most wonderfull country to see and the people are second to none, if Russia is anything like here then good for them.
    If I can get my club to arrange I will even bring my mv over to pay some respect to the monument and what it stands for!.

      • Hi MV, I forgot the great John Surtees. Yes, the f4 is a beautiful machine and I imagine it is built like a fine Swiss watch. I have always been a motorcycle enthusiast. I was most fascinated by the Isle of Man TT and the 250/500 GP until Agostini signed with Yamaha. Sacrilege! My favorite was a Norton 750 of 1972 vintage.
        Unfortunately I no longer ride but I do miss it. There are few machines as exilarating as a powerful motorcyle.

  11. Because all Americans are products of their environment, which is greatly influenced and shaped by the manipulating, scaremongering and brainwashing media which is in tern manipulated by the US political/business elite. Its just that some Americans, are more easily manipulated by this environment then others.

  12. Its not about who build the monument or how its looks like
    it’s all about what its stands for, and lets give some respect for that. Some of my friends are dead in motor crash.


    ESPERE!!! Россия думает о церкви MOTOQUEIRAS,Логотипа может быть MOTOBOYS и MOTOGIRLS как наши дамы БРАЗИЛИИ APARECIDA.

    • It is along the “highway” from Odessa to Kiev. Been there in 2006; there was only the statue in the middle of mud. Now it seems to be a meeting place.



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