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  1. So who wants to translate this

    Раз, два, три!
    Пионеры там идут,
    песни Ленину поют.


  2. And everywhere you look, there’s cars. (except the red square)

    At least one can say russian architects planned streets wide enough for todays traffic…

  3. Thank you for another great photo series. I have the impression that much of the city has been preserved so far. It also appears there there is some restoration taking place. Projects like the Federation Tower are inevitable but it is the older buildings with a more human scale that make the city liveable

  4. In the U.S. people have reported problems with taking pictures in public places – they get told to stop and it’s because of “Homeland Security”. Is there a problem like that in Moscow?

    • Yeah, that’s kind of screwed up. In Moscow I could take pictures of just about anything and no one cared. Here in “free America”, a friend took a picture inside a mall, and the police got on his case for it.

      • mall is a private property. if they prohibit taking photos at their property, they have the right to do so. you better comply, instead of complaining about lack of freedom. or do not go there.

    • If I see some rag head taking pictures and looking to start problems then I am going to make him eat his camera. Would Russians would do the same thing to Chechnians? Most Europeans are finally starting to wake up to the Muslim problem. Unfortunately, Europe is 10-15 years too late. They should have listened to the neo-Right Wing crazies from the 1980’s. Anglo Saxon civilizations are under attack. Is their any dispute?

  5. In old pics,streets were deserted and empty.but in new pics,cars flooded in huge numbers.i love restoration work of Stalin`s purge,look pic 45,46 and finally pic #47! ! ! ! !.no one know what was Stalin thinking at that time when he left the main gate of church.i thnk even Soviets were not sure to believe on that,one day labour class will have their own cars,because of they never planned the parking solution to the cities like Moscow.and in pic#104 the bus is coming or going?????

  6. Pair of photos No 4. and 5. isn’t from from past and present but is from communist times.

    No 4. has a message “Welcome (regards) to” … something (I’m not Russian and it’s hard to regognize), probably … “independent …”.

    No 5. has a message “Welcome (regards) to Lenin, communist … (party, tasks, etc.)”.

  7. It was wonderful. It would be lovely if you add the date of any single old picture and new one.
    I don’t know Moscow but I really enjoyed these nice photos and also it was a bit sad to see human burns the nature to make something for himself. Its a selfish behavior which we all have it.

  8. Maybe someone says a big change, but if the old photos wasn’t discolored and black and white Im pretty sure the views was the same or maybe best than the new ones… This is the things I dislike about europe and a lot of old countries, you only need to visit them once, visit them one time in your lifetime, because almost nothing changes.

  9. my very very favorite type of post – thank you!
    many buildings in russia seem to be yellow – is there some significance to this or do city planners simply like yellow buildings?

  10. It’s very beautiful. I’m sorry that I am so ignorant about what things are, but I expect that only Moscovites knew before modern times. It would be nice to see this with places identified and years. One can guess some of them, but some are mysterious. Amazing how much survives after so much stressful and destructive time.

  11. uhm…Looks like we’ve had the same idea 🙂
    I did a website called Now and Then that covers the big cities in Romania. Maybe we can collaborate on some flicks.


  12. Darek:
    I’m sorry, it doesn’t say “welcome” it says: “Praise to…”

    To the person who posted these photos, thank you! You did a wonderful job, and it appears you did it with great thought, extreme sensitivity, and I dare say a deep love of Moscow. Bolshoe spasibo!

  13. This is just to diss Russia, this is only a few streets of over there, look up downtown Moscow, or how they’re building Federation tower and such.

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  15. In so many of the pictures the main architectural thing that changed was the dome…
    Can anyone tell me why the domes are gone now? Did they become structurally unsound, or was it a political reason?
    It is a shame because they were so beautiful.

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