Sphinx Petersburg

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Not many foreigners know that the most Northern location of Egyptian sphinxes is in St. Petersburg. Russian government have bought a few sphinxes from Egypt in 1820 and brought them to decorate shore banks of Neva river in St. Petersburg. This is probably the only place in the world where you can see each year Egyptian, 3500 thousand old sphinxes covered with snow.

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By the way we had sometimes ago a story about the Inca and Maya monuments brought hundred years ago from America and now standing abandoned in one of the yards of St. Petersburg. You can see them here.

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  1. It’s a well known fact that the Egyptians were the first known “furries” and really, really liked cats.


  2. I don’t like the idea of looting of historical items from 3rd world.if individual try to stole,we punish him,when government and occupied forces loot the historical and precious things,we salute them and feel proud and nationalist.i think this is right time to return these items back to their origins.we can`t feel any thing but shame on official looting! ! ! ! !

    • It’s not looting, it’s business. You can buy one too for your house. The Egyptians will be very happy to sell you a real one or a copy.

      • If you are right,i wanna to buy all Smithsonian collection.i have the resource to buy all British historical land marks,in the name of so called`business`.i wanna to buy first and authentic copy of `declaration of independence`.think from your Heart,not from bank account! ! ! .so please give these rights to 3rd world for buying collect ables from so called western world.i wanna two way trade between two worlds……………………

    • Sphinxes of St.Pete it’s not about looting as they were BOUGHT – in good faith. Looting it’s about recent (2004 or 2005?) mysterious disappearance of valuable exhibits from Baghdad National Museum (mostly of acient Babilonian origin) exactly at the time the US “counter-terrorist” operation began in Iraq. Looting it’s about major part of the British Museum’s exhibits which many years ago were just moved from ‘savage countries’ to a more appropriate place in the centre of the Civilization on the Thames.

  3. this country of the THIRD WORLD , was the first superpower in the world and made the longest lasting civilization!!
    In this time your ancestor were climbing trees and living in the wild unlike in Egypt they were in a great civilization!

    second: russia is not considered of the first world!

    third: sure Egypt is now not like the past , but it will recover because it have great people not racist one

  4. Just commenting on how good the layout of your site is, been looking into creating a blog similar to yours and might make mine similar, did you hire a programmer or do the coding yourself?


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