20 thoughts on “Going Further to the Russian Playgrounds”

  1. Wow! What a cool freak show!!!
    What I liked best was the vampire with a blood at his mouth and the girl with a human brain in her hands.
    No wonder, the old man, who has just decapitated with a spade the green creature to the right of him, is going to through it up.

  2. I find these items very odd. From what we have seen in past posts very few of these statues provide functionality other than looking strange. Is this a common or uncommon occurrence? For instance are the majority of playgrounds this strange?

  3. According to the UN calculations Russia needs 2 million immigrants in the next 10 years to keep up the economic growth that is happening now. Russia is facing a huge demographical problem – the population is shrinking 1 % or more p/year. And Russia just decided to be more strict than ever with immigrants. Heading for disaster I’d say…

    • They just need to team up with China. The Chinese that want to have more than one child and don’t mind freezing their ass off for most of the year can move to Russia. They will probably breathe better as well.

    • That’s not correct data. Now population shrinks not on 1% but only on 0.27% per year, and the level of shrinking is reducing because birth rate grows and death rate falls.

      • Hey, we can ship about 20 million mexicans over to Russia. You will have a population explosion as long as tortillas and beans are readily available.

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