13 thoughts on “Chandelier of Bottles”

  1. I love how Russians park freakin’ wherever the hell they want! Notice the car parked on a walk path – halfway on the path and halfway on the grass in the middle of a park!

    That is what amazed me in Russia- people parked ANYWHERE.

  2. Russian driving is way worse than their parking.

    Correct parallel parking i.e. is referred to as ‘english parking’ -which is not intended to be a compliment. A real man parks anyway he wants and will not make more than the most basic efforts. Rude and selfish.

  3. It’s not a park, just a yard, look at the houses behind the trees, these are visible in the first picture too. The guy is parking under his/her window, it’s neither a crime nor violation.

    Lanterns are fun. They could connect some sources of light there too. 🙂

    • This may be true… but I certainly did see some crazy parking jobs in Russia in the summer of 2006…

      People parked in the following locations in Moscow:
      Half-on-curb-half-off-curb in Gorky Park
      On sidewalks throughout the city
      On the side of a freeway.
      On the OFF RAMP of a FREEWAY!
      Basically anywhere…

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