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        • zafarad, the drill probably has a high frequency speed control. Such a control is very efficient and can vary the battery current from zero to maximum output. There is a normal motorcycle throttle on the right hand grip that is conected to the controller. The builder is very resourceful and may well incorporate improvements in battery capacity and safety. If he does, I would like to see the it.

  1. I give it 5 minutes before his kid is mangled, what with 2 chains and a kid with jeans on, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

    Cover at least the drive chain and it might be safe enough to ride.

    • I think I still have scars on my leg where my pants got wrapped up in the chain, fed into the sprocket, and sacrificed my skin to the bike gods. Ankle + sharp sprocket = bandaids.

    • This seems much safer than a gasoline/petrol powered bicycle. People in the U.S. and Canada are much too concerned with safety. (and I am in the U.S.)

      For this bicycle project I say “have fun” and if anything happens it will be a learning experience, and give the driver more wisdom.

  2. “Mangled? By a wimpy battery drill?”

    yeah, umm… u ever used a high torque wimpy battery drill?? could break your arm, or easily trap your fingers/arm between the chain/sprocket. might not make the bike move very well but could certainly hurt you, until the batteries dies of course.

    “But how he can regulate the rpm of drill unit?i mean speed of cycle.i think this bike made for high speed shoot out.”

    again someone who has never used a drill!!

    • you could regulate the speed by using the trigger switch that comes on the drill. That way, you already know it won’t get overloaded. Plus, the switches are easy to push, so a child won’t have a hard time pushing it.

  3. nice DIY implementation of Las Vegas based DPX Systems drill bike…


    2007 National Hardware Show
    The bike is powered by a standard battery powered drill, and will hit 14mph, with a range of two and a half miles. DPX also make winches, wheelchairs, and an amazing “tree-puller”, which will lift a 250lb log or drag a cedar tree out by the roots (note: the cedar tree in question is pathetic, about the size of a bunch of cilantro.)

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  6. I think I tried this a while ago. It brings back good memories. Nothing good seems to happen the first time. How long did it take you? I look forward to your next post.

  7. Have fun, but play it safe. Fun is not everything in life. Where is the fun if anything happens and you lose a leg or your life. Yes, this will be a learning experience, but you are dead.

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