44 thoughts on “Russian Fashion at 1979”

  1. Yes i do love Soviet styled fashions.i think these so called `fashion` wave is not more than new styled uniforms system.style No13,was so popular at that age.`he that has teeth has no bread,he that has bread has not teeth`.

  2. All of these fashions wouldn’t look out of place on the street today. I’m sure somebody will steal them and use them for next season’s designs.

  3. I understand your point of view, It’s smart and useful, and back to the hype again, Zara models have, been lookin*g like this in the past few months, highheel boots are a must in Paris at the moment, they help to wear the miniskirts 🙂

  4. I like some of these coats and big deal if they only have one fashion magazine. At least they didn’t waste time designing clothes that no one would ever wear, as in many Western fashion magazines.

    • не все но понимают.а фильм вчера просто ещё годом выпуска запомнился чёта.

  5. Adios:
    Learn russian if you’re going to write in Cyrillic.

    The fashions are old, but they are cyclic. These fashions are beginning to re-emerge in the West, and, yes, of course Russian women loved boots. So did Russian men, children and babushki y dedushki. It gets bitterly cold in Russia and slogging through snow is no fun in sneakers!

    BTW, the magazine was called “Fashion and the Time”

  6. But lets not forget those wonderfull high school uniforms for the girls (I never will). they’ve got to be the best fashion invention ever!

  7. Maybe I’m old, but I think all those outfits are cute, and I’d buy them today. From what I remember from my one trip to Soviet Russia, even the Russian women couldn’t have bought those dresses in 1979, if they’d wanted to. (Wearable, cute clothes _never_ made it into stores.)

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  9. Does any one know to whom these designs can be attributed? I am trying to find the names of Soviet fashion designers from the 1960s; I am looking for inspiration for a woman’s evening dress for a play. Mrs. Nikita Krushchev’s outfit from her dinner with Mimi and Ike is the only thing I’ve been able to find and it dates from 1959.

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  12. А можно часть поста использовать в местной газете? Естественно с ссылкой на первоисточник?

  13. This wasn’t the only magazine. We had yet one in Lithuania then, that publicated even examples of more radical fashion.

    But, yes, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia weren’t a legal part of the USSR 🙂

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