road jumping in the city in Russia 1

46 Urban Jungle Fun

Urban Jungle Fun

A new fun is growing in popularity among Russian teenagers in big cities. It is rope jumping from the roofs
of the houses right in the middle of busy city day life. It scares passers-by but who cares?
weddings in Soviet Russia 1

132 Soviet Weddings

Soviet Weddings

This is a gallery of the paintings depicting Soviet weddings. No much
photos left from those times, but there are some drawings left.
bike accidently painted in Russia 1

27 The Accidently Painted Bikes

The Accidently Painted Bikes

So you'd better not drive behind the car full of paint buckets, the doors
can open by an accident and all that paint would paint you...
New Island in Russia near Sochi 1

44 New Island in Russia

New Island in Russia

It seems like Russia (which is the biggest country in the world) tries to compete with Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in unique construction projects. Before the building of artificial skiing resort had been finished (the similar one stands in UAE), Russian government has presented to the public
the model of artificial island that will be raised from the Black Sea waters near Sochi coast in 2014, towards the opening of the Olympic Games. It is no no wonder that the island will be called "The Federation" - its shape will resemble the whole country in miniature.
don\'t speak the phone and drive 1

35 Too Busy to Drive

Too Busy to Drive

To drive a car and use your mobile phone at the same time is forbidden in Russia. And it's reasonable. As one can
see on the pictures below, there are no doubts that this driver was speaking the phone while driving.
russian prototype of Beavis 1

21 Beavis and Butt-Head in Russia

Beavis and Butt-Head in Russia

Does anybody knows that the prototype of Beavis exists in the real life? That's
absolutely true. Even more, you can meet him in the streets of Russia.
paper glass photoshopped 1

17 The Paper Glass

The Paper Glass

So for all the photoshop lovers here comes the
drinking lady Russian bloggers photoshoped edition:
lesson in Ukrainian school
51 Ukrainian Lessons

Ukrainian Lessons

Just a lesson in one of
schools in Kiev, Ukraine.
first Russian SUV 1

101 First SUV Ever

First SUV Ever

Nowadays SUV's are very popular all over the world, all major car makes started production of their own all-road luxury cars. The concept behind the SUV is to get comfort of the luxury car but have four wheel drive on big rims so that you can go off the road with the same feeling. But it seems that in Soviet Russia
they had already this ideal car - you can see here a luxury Soviet "Pobeda" ("Victory") car on the high wheels, and people say it is not a self-made thing but was in production in limited edition at the car factory, so it can be probably not only the first Russian SUV but first SUV ever.
street of St. Petersburg 1

17 No Way

No Way

This house that is located in St. Petersburg downtown is being renovated these days. So they built a safe passage around the house so that nothing of construction junk could smash the heads of passers-by. But those strange
pedestrians don't use it! They prefer to detour the house by the road surface, where there is a good chance to meet a car. Why they don't use the safe passage but risk their lives walking on the traffic are?

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